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Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Dec. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NFL Alumni has agreed to form a strategic partnership with Vuuzle Media Corp to stream content.  This partnership will allow the NFL Alumni to generate advertisement revenue for its overall dedicated mission.  This new partnership will tremendously help the Alumni, its charities and the youth. Additionally, Former NFL players and Hall of Fame Legends will have a stronger voice when they participate on the platform.  

Today’s announcement by NFLA, to form the new Partnership with Vuuzle Media Corp was made because of the organization’s ability to identify the OTT evolution from traditional broadcasting to streaming. Presently coupled with premium content the Vuuzle platform will enable NFL Alumni to change over to IP and OTT/Over the Top Television.  This gives the NFLA the advantage to strengthen its brand, growth and its vision with the Vuuzle Media Corporation in the marketplace. 

As the traditional T.V. landscape continues to become fragmented people around the world are beginning to view content via streaming on all their smart devices.  Advertisers are looking for more ways to reach customers as long and short-form video get distributed over the internet. Programmatic Advertising (digital display, advanced T.V., digital out-of-home) has reached unprecedented adoption in recent years.  How people view on the go is changing rapidly and OTT is the future of Linear TV.

Vuuzle Media Corp CTO, Prophecy Onasis and the Vuuzle Team, working closely with NFLA will develop its own live linear channels, VOD/video-on-demand, and live streaming video distribution points.  Vuuzle built its enterprise-level platform with Verizon and DCAFE who is Verizon’s development partner.  Also Intergraded into the platform is a fully baked system connected with Verizon’s programmatic advertising monetization system.  Working closely together with these corporations it gives the Vuuzle consumer and NFLA fans the best streaming product on the market.

The excitement in all this is Vuuzle TV OTT platform does not require a subscription, a cable or satellite provider.  As long as you have a device to connect to the internet, you can watch TV by streaming.  Vuuzle has several apps to watch NFLA channels on.  You can download on Android or Apple iOS. Also, it’s on ROKU and if you want to just simply enjoy the desktop version you can go to the Vuuzle website and type in to see free movies and linear TV.

Vuuzle TV is becoming more popular, mostly because it allows for convenient streaming anywhere at any time 100% for free.  Smart TV’s are not limited to watch what we will produce together in 2020. NFLA will be announcing its 1st channel to the public soon.  With the OTT industry projected to surpass $40 billion by 2020.  The bottom line is the cord-cutting phenomenon is here to stay.  As consumers shift from traditional cable boxes to internet-enabled devices and smart TVs, ad budgets from digital and linear continue to grow at lightning speed. NFLA is going to become more cutting edge by using these tools to reach the target market.

By partnering with Vuuzle NFLA will have an unlimited number of channels and will allow former players to participate from each chapter of the alumni to support the overall mission while augmenting and sustaining brand awareness.  For those who have played for the NFL, they can now contribute to building a coalition to support positive growth. By streaming content on Vuuzle TV, the NFL Alumni will have a visual footprint with millions of daily viewers to see whatever NFLA wants to expose to the audience.

This partnership will give the next generation of sports fans the flexibility and instant gratification watching there sports hero’s well after they have left the playing field on a daily bases knowing they still are living their lives, running their businesses, supporting their families and working collectively in each Alumni chapter to have a positive effect on everyone worldwide. 

Look Out for NFLA T.V. on Vuuzle!


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