LaBitconf in Uruguay: Government Led Technology Challenge to Solve Latin America’s Problems with Blockchain

æternity’s partnerships win key projects using æternity blockchain for agriculture, supply chain, media and more

Montevideo, Uruguay, Dec. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) -- æternity, the next-generation, open-source blockchain for building decentralized applications, today announced that its platform solution was able to solve half of seven new projects utilizing æternity’s blockchain across agriculture, media, supply chain, and more, as part of a government and academic-led blockchain challenge that was organized by Universidad ORT Uruguay. Showing off scalable smart contracts interfacing with real-world data, many of these projects highlight æternity’s contribution to Latin America’s burgeoning blockchain scene, particularly in Uruguay. 

The blockchain challenges were initiated by the ministry of agriculture, the duty free zone Zonamerica, the newspaper El Observador and AGESIC, which is the government agency for electronic government and the information and knowledge of society. æternity is showcasing its real economic solutions with decentralized applications (Aepps) and the entire ecosystem at the Labitconf conference on December 12 and 13th, where æternity CEO for the America's Pablo Coirolo will highlight the application of the æternity protocol in the following projects:

  • The "Sustainable Vegetables" project aims to provide information to consumers of fruits and vegetables by allowing them to trace the entire chain of crop production using æternity blockchain. This not only provides crop producers with a sustainable means to track produce production but also reassures consumers of good practices as well as quality produce at the fairest price on the market.

  • The “Origins” project affords individuals who have been adopted to trace their origin using blockchain. This project utilizes æternity blockchain to trace documents generated by various government entities during the adoption process, providing an immutable record of all relevant information with transparency, trust, accessibility and efficiency in transmission.

  • The “Football Tokens” project enables any sports team or football club to have its own crypto-currency as well as digital album trading card season, all implemented with blockchain third generation technology in order to ensure security and scalability, with almost instantaneous transactions without commissions. Every football club will feature a series of collectible cards per season and can use them within all kinds of multimedia materials such as pictures or videos that can be used to participate in tournaments, card games or friendly games with other users, creating a currency exchange market where users can buy, sell and auction off the best cards and speculate on its price. 
  • The “logistics challenge” project develops ​​​software that enables the ability to track all imports of goods from Zonamerica, a Business and Technology Park in Uruguay operating under the Free Zone Law since 1990. All movements of entry and exit of goods to and from Zonamerica are traceable with blockchain, ensuring that all documentation involved in the process complies with regulatory guidelines set by the Council of the Common Market. 
  • The “AGRO challenge” is a project and business idea based technology to solve issues in agriculture with blockchain. Using cloud software powered by æternity blockchain, the application connects smartphones directly to the blockchain, bypassing other servers or intermediate web pages. This enables companies to trace products, whether they are imported or manufactured, through the full supply chain, ensuring transparency between companies, manufactures and consumers.  
  • The “media challenge” is also a business idea based technology that helps track news sources from media to the audience. Once journalists cover a story, the story receives a certificate of origin that is electronically pre-loaded into cloud software that contains data on the media, journalist and news in question (e.g background consulted sources, related news, etc.). Once this information is stored in the blockchain, the cloud software returns a unique QR code and a hyperlink to the location of the certificate of origin, enabling audiences to not only read journalists’ stories but also access the original source of news. 

All of the aforementioned projects highlight unique use cases for blockchain that can be used as a global example for solving real world problems with blockchain technology. æternity, with its forward-leaning technology that includes a recently upgraded virtual machine, off-chain scaling solution (i.e. state channels), on-chain governance mechanism, and naming system, provides a viable opportunity to address a variety of problems across various industries with a blockchain solution that is equipped with scalability to handle a high volume of transactions. 

“We strive to always remain on the cutting-edge, finding new ways to solve real problems with blockchain,” said Pablo Coirolo, æternity CEO Americas. “Working on some of these projects allowed us to showcase the depth and breadth of our blockchain solution and we’re excited to take what we’ve applied here in Uruguay and offer a global solution to problems using our blockchain.”

æternity Founder Yanislav Malahov and CEO of the Americas, Pablo Coirolo will present more on these projects and the æternity ecosystem at LaBitconf on December 12th from 18:50-20:05 and on December 13th from 19:00 to 19:50. 

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