Dr. Azza Halim of American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine Announces Insights on Anti-Aging Treatments That Lead to Youthful Looking Skin

Boca Raton, Florida, UNITED STATES

Boca Raton, FL, Dec. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The natural aging process, called intrinsic aging, is largely controlled by our genes and shows up as visible lines on our face, a loss of youthful fullness, and thinner, drier skin. Extrinsic aging – the environment and lifestyle choices – unfortunately can add to skin aging prematurely.

Dr. Azza Halim, is a board-certified anesthesiologist, multi-speciality trained physician in aesthetic medicine and a member of The American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine. Halim says, “Reasons to look younger than your chronological age are many, ranging from enhancing self-esteem, as a part of an overall regimen to look and feel younger, or even professional career motivations or social reasons – such as returning to the dating scene or even an upcoming reunion.”

Azza MD Beauty is creating customized anti-aging treatment plans and beauty solutions are a major focus of the medical practice of Azza Halim, MD, a board-certified physician/anesthesiologist. Dr. Halim has a broad background in this field through her work with a wide range of surgeons and dermatologists who have mentored and trained her extensively.

Thankfully, in 2019, it is possible to slow down the effects of aging and improve the skin’s texture, tone and tautness, resulting in a more youthful looking skin all without surgery. To accomplish this reversal, non-invasive and minimally-invasive aesthetic procedures are quickly becoming the anti-aging treatment of choice to address skin rejuvenation.

Halim continues to say that high patient satisfaction, immediate results (and in some cases, long-term), no downtime, minimal discomfort, low incidence of adverse effects, shorter recovery time, and lower costs all make non-surgical anti-aging procedures a growing preference over traditional surgical options. Minimally invasive treatment options are also used routinely – and successfully – to maintain surgical results.

Today, younger and younger clients are sampling from the full menu of non-surgical aesthetic procedures and coupling them with an essential skincare routine at home – choosing medical grade products they have purchased at the same anti-aging treatment clinic where they just finished getting their procedure. Our consultants work closely with our clients to match the best skin care product that will enhance the aesthetic procedure plan they have developed together.

The range of treatment options is wide open and can be overwhelming. Everyone’s aesthetics goals are different. Everyone’s facial anatomy is different. Everyone’s lifestyle circumstances are different.

Consulting with medical professionals who are specifically and rigorously trained and certified in aesthetic treatments is the best way to determine a treatment plan with the best non-surgical anti-aging procedures for you to achieve your best outcome. But it’s helpful to be at least familiar with the options. This is why Dr. Azza Halim not only customizes each treatment plan, she also educates her patients on every aspect and options available. 

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