How Peru’s infrastructure gap holds back investment in the country

LONDON, Dec. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Although the economic growth shown by Peru in recent years may be impressive, the country’s infrastructural development has not been able to keep pace. In fact, over the next two decades, Peru’s infrastructure deficit is predicted to remain at $110bn.

Addressing this shortfall will not be easy, but the longer it is allowed to continue, the greater the drain it will have on investment opportunities in the country. At ProInversión, the Private Investment Promotion Agency of Peru, it is believed that public-private partnerships (PPPs) hold the answer. In an exclusive article for The New Economy, ProInversión’s Head of Investor Services, César Martin Peñaranda, explained how his company is helping to create an attractive investment framework.

“Peru offers private investors an eclectic range of sectors in which to do business,” Peñaranda explained. “The use of PPPs to fund infrastructure projects has received broad support from organisations around the world. ProInversión uses PPPs for a number of reasons – first and foremost, it allows the public sector to benefit from the advantages usually associated with privately funded projects.”

Years of stable economic expansion have given Peru an opportunity that many other nations would love to be in possession of – a chance to support its underdeveloped industries. Water sanitation, transportation, healthcare and education are just a few of the sectors with PPP projects in the pipeline.

For public or private organisations looking to make in-roads within the Peruvian market, ProInversión is on-hand to offer advice in terms of project structuring and presenting a menu of sectors regarding where to invest. With the agency’s long-term vision in place, there’s no reason why Peru’s infrastructure gap can’t be closed.

For more about ProInversión and how the public and private sectors are coming together to support investment in Peru, check out the latest edition of The New Economy, available in print, on tablet and online now.

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