TGC Announces Management Changes

Mandy L. Hall Appointed Vice-Chairman & CEO

Miami, Florida, UNITED STATES

MIAMI, Dec. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Board of Directors of The Guess Corporation Holding Co., Inc. (TGC) has appointed Mandy L. Hall vice-chairman and chief executive officer effective immediately. Jerry D. Guess will remain deputy chairman and president. Lauren E. Peddycord has been appointed executive vice-president, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, secretary and treasurer. Ms. Hall most recently served as senior vice-president, general manager, controller, deputy secretary and deputy treasurer. She has over 15 years of business management experience. Ms. Hall joined the company as corporate vice-president, special secretary and special treasurer, where she was responsible for corporate administration and supporting corporate operations.

The Guess Corporation Holding Co., Inc. is the parent company of The Guess Corporation and other subsidiaries collectively now operating under the TGC trade name. The Board of Directors includes: Willie L. Guess, chairman, Jerry D. Guess, deputy chairman, Kyra A. Anderson, senior vice-chairman, Mandy L. Hall, vice-chairman and Lauren M. Hickman, lead director. The officers include: Jerry D. Guess, president, Mandy L. Hall, chief executive officer and Lauren E. Peddycord, executive vice-president, chief operating officer, chief financial officer and secretary-treasurer. The company’s principal individual shareholders are Willie L. Guess, Kyra A. Anderson, Mandy L. Hall and Lauren E. Peddycord.

About The Guess Corporation Holding Co., Inc. (TGC)

The Guess Corporation Holding Co., Inc. (TGC) and its principal subsidiary, The Guess Corporation together operate a diversified group of businesses that provide products and services to consumers and business customers. As a for-profit social enterprise, we have established quotas to ensure that we provide second chance employment opportunities to individuals with criminal records. Our principal business activities include: foods, construction, advertising, telecom, staffing, entertainment, petroleum, media and private jet charter brokerage. We began operating in 2014 and became a for-profit social enterprise in 2017. TGC donates 25% of our net profits to our private charitable organizations, The Guess Corporation Foundation and T.G.C. Law Foundation.

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