RUON AI Announces IEO and Patents After Successful Upload of SovereignSky “Space-Based Blockchain” to AS-5 Satellite to Help End World Poverty.

LONDON, Dec. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NetworkWire – Within just a decade, mankind will be well on the way to ending extreme world poverty. A new, encrypted Wi-Fi network will connect people on Earth. And a near indestructible blockchain financial system and global currency will exist off-world, invulnerable to the effects of war, conflict, solar flares, meteor impact, global catastrophe, cyclones, banking and market collapse and other catastrophic events.

This might sound like the premise for a sci-fi novel – and you would be right; it is!

The very concept came from SovereignSky/RUON AI Founder Timothy E. Burke’s sci-fi space opera “Planet X,” but what started as a movie premise on a hypervelocity star system far away, is now becoming a reality here on Earth and our own solar system.

SovereignSky, the company responsible for the world’s first spaced-based blockchain, has successfully started to upload its BEOS hybrid blockchain to its primary satellite constellation currently in space orbit through a partnership with SpaceQuest – launched in December 2018 onboard Elon Musk’s Space X – to enable a “One World, One Network.”

“The project is so all-encompassing, it has taken some of the smartest, most visionary minds in blockchain, aerospace, mobile technology, and even science fiction to achieve its grand vision,” says Stan Larimer - co-founder of RUON AI, BEOS, SovereignSky, Steemit, and Bitshares.

The idea is to create a global Wi-Fi network and establish a space-based digital “Free World Currency” to help redistribute the world’s wealth to the less fortunate and help support the one billion children worldwide who live in poverty.

SovereignSky is the world’s first satellite constellation powering its own space-based blockchain. This blockchain is currently being uploaded three times daily by SpaceQuest onto SovereignSky’s first satellites called AprizeSat-5 and THEA.

“We are excited to work with SovereignSky on its incredible mission to help eradicate global poverty, and we are on the way to complete one of the first ever blockchain transactions in space onboard the SovereignSky satellite network,” says Dino Lorenzini, CEO of SpaceQuest.

SovereignSky is co-founded by “Godfather of Bitshares” Stan Larimer (father of Dan Larimer, the creator of EOS) and film producer and science fiction writer/co-director Timothy E. Burke (executive producer on Lionsgate’s 2019 summer thriller with Jessica Alba and Gary Oldman). The company’s strategic partners include SpaceQuest,,, Layr, StealthGrid, Rune Wallet, Zapple, VitalCard and BEOS.

RUON Equity Partnership Offer to Top Global Celebrities

RUON AI has an equity offer out to the top 30 celebrities on social media wanting to join its social network exclusively to kickstart the global charity project and skyrocket the company valuation (please see whitepaper and videos on

RUON AI (pronounced “Are-you-on”) today also announces major IEO plans and the filing of a 501-page intellectual property IP patent application (Attorney Docket No. 185956.010200) covering social intelligence, spaced based blockchains and future-life AI technologies.This is all part of its “One World, One Network” mission to enhance communication and connections with new and old contacts, as well as to help end poverty and protect people and wildlife.

RUON AI & SovereignSky - How it Works 

One single patent application alone allows the RUON AI solution to scan news sites, blogs, forums, chat rooms and social channels to identify users endangered or affected by war, famine or oncoming natural disasters. The AI creates a database of endangered users and sends their profiles to HNWs, companies, donors and members of the public who can instantly send electronic currency donations (via SovereignAid & RUON electronic currency) directly to the users before the danger strikes. This single AI IP patent application alone has the capacity to help avert disaster and potentially help save hundreds of thousands of lives. RUON AI is the chat app of the future.
The Revolution Begins.

Watch the RUON AI Revolution Video here:

SovereignSky and RUON AI’s next task is to work with global charities, international agencies, UHNW, VCs, the UN and Fortune 500 companies to distribute SovereignSky’s “connectivity boxes” containing small portable modems, smartphones preloaded with the RUON AI app, and smartcards connected to digital wallets within the RUON AI app, which is powered by Rune’s chain-agnostic technology. Timothy Burke has already met with the Missionaries of Charity in Florida, one of the best global charitable distribution networks.

Tim Burke, RUON AI founder, says, “The beneficiaries receive donations instantly and can upload photos and videos showing your money being put to good effect. People in need can personally thank donors through the RUON app, and donors can monitor exactly how their donations have been spent. All of this is made possible via blockchain technology, auditing and reporting. We feel it’s one of the most effective and trusted donation and verification processes ever created, and, today, this solution has been officially captured in one of RUON’s patent pending claims. It’s time for change. Please contact us and help support our mission.”

SovereignAid and RUON electronic currency will then be beamed from donors up to the satellite constellation and directly to places and people in need in economically developing nations and areas without banking or even wi-fi (connecting directing to the portable modems distributed in these areas). The satellites connect to the modems, each modem connects to the phone and the phone’s multi-blockchain wallet connects to the smart card, which can be used at any terminal accepting Visa.

One of the most transparent, fastest and efficient donation processes ever created.

For the first time, donors can choose exactly who their donation will be delivered to and know that up to 97.5% will be received directly by the village, orphanage, hospital or person in need. The beneficiary and donor can even show and track how the donation is spent through videos, pictures, two-way chat and even double-verification blockchain accounting technology, providing one of the most effective and transparent donation processes ever created.

Any user holding a SovereignSky or RUON smartphone will automatically be able to receive a donation to their RUON wallet and can instantly spend the donation on clothes, water, food and medicine using the smart card. 

“The Rune Wallet team is pleased to be the exclusive BIP47 and Open Transactions based wallet and cryptoserver technology provider to RUON AI/SovereignSky. Our integration will enable RUON users to easily and very securely transact and store any cryptocurrency in real-time, while providing total financial autonomy to the users,” says Rune Wallet President Mehow Pospieszalski.

SovereignSky’s whitepaper incorporates the World Bank’s estimate that nearly half of the world's population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 per day, and only $130 billion is needed per year to eradicate extreme global poverty. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty — on less than $1.25 per day, and one billion children worldwide are living in poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die every day due to poverty. Globally, $800 billion is donated each year, with the United States alone donating a generous $390 billion to charity. These numbers show just how achievable eradicating extreme world poverty actually is. The project is also on target to help support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals  ( by 2030.

“The RUON AI vision is empowering and opens up new opportunities and economies through an incentivized, transformative, social, and secure platform,” says Larry Castro, CEO of Quantum Generation Ltd.

SovereignSky and RUON AI are now planning to offer contribution in the “One World, One Network” project, patents, app and space-based technology to traders and investors across the crypto community by launching an “Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)” on major crypto exchanges. The opportunity is not open for U.S. investors at this time; however, the company will have its gold-pegged, STO token available soon for accredited investors.
SovereignSky - How it Works


About RUON AI (

RUON AI is a highly sophisticated, next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) social media, chat, and blockchain banking application with its own electronic currency, smart card and multi-blockchain digital wallets. On downloading the app you’ll receive your very own RUON bank account along with routing number, sort code and smartcard sent out in the post. The app has been expertly designed to instantly make you money when posting content and enhance your connection with all your old friends and new contacts. For the first time, you'll be able to automatically earn RUON coins from all your family, friends and followers when you post content. The app is being built to feature the key capabilities of Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat and integrated into Amazon and Alibaba drop-shipping for easy adaptation of cryptocurrency and blockchain for the mass market.

Welcome to the Future. Welcome to RUON AI.

About SovereignAid / SovereignCoin

SovereignAid and SovereignCoin will be two space-based electronic currencies to help redistribute the world’s wealth to the 2 billion unbanked and the more than 1.3 billion living in extreme poverty on less than $1.25 per day. SovereignAid will be used for humanitarian and charity donations with upto 97.5% of the donation going directly to the person in need. SovereignAid currency is sent and received within RUON AI’s digital wallets and is set to revolutionize large-scale charity giving from individuals, companies, family offices, HNWIs and Fortune 500 companies to charities, hospitals, orphanages, conservationists and people in need found within profiles on the RUON AI app. SovereignCoin will be a commercial currency used by big business, B2B and B2C customers.

About SovereignSky (

SovereignSky, the world’s first space-based blockchain, designed to facilitate equal access to the world’s wealth to anyone on Earth regardless of their location, nationality or economic starting conditions. SovereignSky and its partners will combine one of the most scalable, fastest blockchains with a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite Wi-Fi constellation transcending jurisdictional and infrastructural limits. Its processing node locations in Earth’s orbit enable it to offer equal access and equal opportunities to participants from all over the planet and the first “Free World Currency” while incorporating open source and the concept of “Building block(chain)s for a better planet” introduced by PwC and the Stanford Woods Institute.

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