No Barriers and The Arch Foundation have come together for caregivers

The two nonprofits are merging to better serve their local and national communities

FORT COLLINS, Dec. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- No Barriers USA and The Arch Foundation (TAF) announced today the merger of their nonprofit operations. The merger will allow the organizations to better serve their communities. No Barriers will acquire The Arch Foundation assets and founder, and the merged business will operate under the No Barriers brand, allowing the area nonprofit to expand into Caregiver Programming.

The Arch Foundation, founded in 2017 by Heather Zoccali, supports family caregivers of people with disabilities and chronic illness by offering experiences, retreats, and workshops aimed at helping caregivers connect with each other and find balance in their lives. Zoccali was inspired to start the foundation when she was thrust into the full-time family caregiver role after her son Connor was injured in a vehicle vs. pedestrian accident, leaving him a T-12 paraplegic. In her new role as a full-time family caregiver, she recognized how
easy it was for a caregiver to lose themselves in the process of caring for a loved one and the gap that existed for family caregiver support, which is what originally inspired her to create The Arch Foundation.

“I am excited to combine forces with No Barriers, to expand the reach of the Caregivers Program and help those in a family caregiver role feel empowered to practice critical self-care and grow and strengthen their personal Rope Teams.” She will join No Barriers as a manager of Caregivers Programs.

No Barriers is dedicated to helping people of all abilities recognize that What’s Within Them Is Stronger Than What’s In Their Way. For years, this meant working with individuals with disabilities to offer opportunities and resources that help people step outside their comfort zone and break down barriers. At the end of the day, every No Barriers participant is empowered to believe: I break barriers. They don’t break me.

“We feel honored to be able to build on the legacy of the Arch Foundation by expanding No Barriers programming to include caregivers. For many years, we have talked about how important it is to provide community and support to this population and we now have the expertise and the resources in-house to make that happen,” explains Dave Shurna, co-founder and executive director of No Barriers. With the Arch Foundation, we'll be able to create programming and foster community for caregivers.”

The new No Barriers Caregiver Programming is designed to improve the lives of family caregivers by building a caregiving community where individuals are given dedicated time and space to be together with other family caregivers through transformative, curriculum-based workshops, retreats and expeditions.

More information about No Barriers, the programs they offer and how you can support their work can be found on the website:


About No Barriers USA
No Barriers improves the lives of veterans with disabilities through curriculum-based experiences in challenging environments. Our experiences serve as both an opportunity for growth and a catalyst for change as these brave men and women stretch physical and emotional boundaries, foster camaraderie, pioneer through adversity, and step up and serve others. Through experiences that are one part adventure, one part curriculum and one part physical challenge, we show veterans that what’s within them is stronger than what is in front of them. The mission of No Barriers USA is to unleash the potential of the human spirit. Through transformative experiences, tools and inspiration, No Barriers helps people embark on a quest to overcome obstacles, live a full life and contribute their absolute best to the world. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.




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