The Austrian Alpine state combining natural beauty with a high-tech economy

LONDON, Jan. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Austrian state of Carinthia may be best known for its crystal clear Alpine lakes and awe-inspiring mountains, but it is fast gaining in importance as a technology hotbed as well. Market-leading firms such as Intel, Lam Research, Infineon and Flex, alongside several cutting-edge start-ups, have all decided to locate in the region.

One reason why this part of the world is proving so attractive to tech firms is its mature research landscape, with the state boasting five independent research centres. In an exclusive article for The New Economy magazine, Jernej Dvoršak, Investment Promotion Manager at BABEG Invest in Carinthia, explained that there are other business-friendly factors at work too.

“In addition to such fantastic infrastructure and investment, one of the biggest advantages to Carinthia is its enviable position on both European transport corridors – the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor and the Tauern Line,” Dvoršak wrote. “Everything is quick to get to within the state as well, making it extremely convenient for businesses.”

Although the entire state provides a conducive environment for technology firms, particular areas are beginning to emerge as specialists in certain fields. Klagenfurt, the provincial capital, boasts a world-class IT centre in the form of its Lakeside Science and Technology Park, while Villach, the state’s second-largest city, has gained renown for its work with intelligent sensors and power electronics. In the Lakeside Park, BABEG recently built Europe’s biggest flying hall for drones and provided resident companies with the opportunity to develop their products and business models using new 5G technology that was established in October.

Businesses looking to locate in Carinthia will discover a state in possession of a highly skilled workforce, an attractive funding structure and no shortage of inspirational firms to collaborate with. The beautiful Alpine surroundings are just the icing on the cake.

For more about BABEG Invest in Carinthia and how this state in southern Austria became a melting pot of research and innovation, check out the latest edition of The New Economy, available in print, on tablet and online now.

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