Jasco Announces New Enbrighten Zigbee 3.0 Product Line with Voice Control Technology

The new products include voice control, while select models are equipped with QuickFit™ and SimpleWire™ technology for enhanced protection and convenience

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, UNITED STATES

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jasco, a leader in lighting fixtures, lighting controls, power products and consumer electronics, today announces a new, enhanced line of Enbrighten Zigbee 3.0 smart controls. The entire product line offers groundbreaking home automation features, which ensure the controls are easier to install and more reliable than ever before.

The new Enbrighten Zigbee 3.0 product line is introduced with eight options for consumers: An Outdoor Smart Plug (the only Zigbee 3.0 Outdoor Plug on the market), four In-Wall Smart Switches, an In-Wall Smart Outlet and two Indoor Smart Plugs. No additional hub is required for select Amazon Echo products with built-in Zigbee hubs including the Amazon Echo Plus (first and second generation), the Amazon Echo Show (second generation) and Amazon Echo Studio. For consumers with these products, voice command is paired immediately out of the package with no additional equipment required.

Key features of the product line include:

  • QuickFit Design (In-Wall Switches Only): The QuickFit space-saving design features a rounded housing and 20 percent smaller depth compared to previous Zigbee models. Eliminating the need for break-off tabs, the QuickFit enhancements are the ideal smart solution for older-style switch boxes, multi-gang configurations or any other application with limited space.
  • SimpleWire Technology (In-Wall Switches Only): With the SimpleWire technology, the new smart controls feature auto-detecting line/load terminals to support fast installation by identifying wires and configuring the switch accordingly. The dual offset ground ports are another defining feature that save time, simplify installation and reduce wire congestion for configuring multi-switch setups.
  • Multi-Switch Compatible: All of the devices operate flawlessly on their own or have the option to integrate into multi-switch setups when paired with Enbrighten add-on switches.
  • Range Extender: Each Enbrighten Zigbee device acts as a range extender, allowing for more simplistic installation’s and whole home coverage.

“We’re excited to introduce the latest generation of Zigbee lighting controls to Jasco’s robust portfolio of industry leading smart home products,” said Cameron Trice, CEO of Jasco. “Not only do these products allow convenient voice-control immediately out of the box with compatible devices, but we’ve also simplified the entire process for installing in-wall controls with the QuickFit space-saving design and SimpleWire Technology.”

The new line of Zigbee 3.0 smart home controls will be showcased at CES 2020 in Jasco’s booth #12000 in Central Hall. These Zigbee 3.0 products offer enhanced reliability for the smart home network and are certified for device-to-device interoperability.

To learn more about the Enbrighten Zigbee 3.0 product line please visit Jasco’s website at www.ezzigbee.com.

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