How Málaga’s climate of innovation created the perfect environment for business growth

LONDON, Jan. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There is much more to Málaga than just holiday resorts and beautiful beaches. This municipality on Spain’s southern coast is quickly gaining a reputation as the place to be for forward-thinking businesses that want to take advantage of a strong local economy and an entrepreneurial climate.

Recently, a number of multinational firms, including EPAM Systems and Ciklum, have chosen to locate new offices in Málaga, drawn by the enviable quality of life on offer. Francisco de la Torre Prados, the mayor of Málaga, explained that the innovative ecosystem that surrounds the city itself, Málaga Valley, which includes the Andalusia Technology Park and its 646 companies, is another major draw.

“Málaga has transformed into an innovative smart city and has plans that will help it keep evolving,” de la Torre wrote in an exclusive article for The New Economy magazine. “Currently, the city’s overall strategy is aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and it has specific aims to boost mobility and technological innovation between now and 2022.”

In 2018, Málaga’s economy expanded by an impressive 3.4 percent. This growth has been driven by the city’s support for high-tech industries, with software development, big data analytics and aeronautics representing just a few of the sectors thriving in the local area. The city’s university, among the best in Spain, also provides businesses with a rich stream of talented employees.

Of course, the qualities that have long been associated with Málaga continue to entice companies and individuals from all over the world: year-round sunshine, diverse cultural offerings and a historic city centre. But as an innovative smart city, its thriving tech scene is now proving difficult to turn down as well.

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