Pharmagest Interactive: MALTA INFORMATIQUE expands into Europe and enters Belgium

Villers Les Nancy, FRANCE

Bordeaux and Villers-les-Nancy, 13 January 2020 - 6:00 p.m. (CET)
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MALTA INFORMATIQUE expands its footprint into Europe and enters Belgium

  • MALTA INFORMATIQUE and the Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division, a Pharmagest Group subsidiary, are ramping up European operations by acquiring the activity for developing software solutions for nursing homes and specialised establishments of the Belgian company CARE SOLUTIONS (an ARMONEA subsidiary).
  • This acquisition covers the teams, brands and contracts for the supply of Care Solutions applications to more than 630 assisted living facilities for seniors in Belgium out of the country's total of 1,540.
  • Concurrent signature of a strategic European partnership agreement with Colisée to assist them in developing software solutions for all their establishments.


MALTA INFORMATIQUE, a subsidiary of Pharmagest Group (La Coopérative WELCOOP), is continuing its expansion outside the French market with the creation of MALTA BELGIUM and the acquisition of the Belgian software development business, CARE SOLUTIONS (an ARMONEA subsidiary).
This acquisition provides access to more than 630 ALFs for seniors in Belgium out of the country's total of 1,540 retirement homes.

Building on its success in France, MALTA INFORMATIQUE, which spearheads Pharmagest Group's Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions  Division  (4 companies,  sales  of  €19.27 million  in  2018  and  160 employees), has inaugurated its expansion into Europe with the creation of a subsidiary in Belgium in December 2019: MALTA BELGIUM, based in Charleroi and Schelle.

To support its development in this market, MALTA BELGIUM is strengthening its teams and offering by the addition of CARE SOLUTIONS' employees and software suite.

Offering a perfect fit with TITAN, the very comprehensive Care Solutions software suite is fully adapted to the needs of market players in the Belgian nursing home market.
The existing teams (of approximately 30) who are recognised for the high level of their technical expertise will remain in place.

Created in 2001, CARE SOLUTIONS is a subsidiary of the Belgian group, ARMONEA, owned by Colisée, Europe's fourth-largest provider of solutions for elderly care and well-being with 238 specialised facilities serving more than 24,000 residents.

Strategic partnership agreement with Colisée

In conjunction with the acquisition of CARE SOLUTIONS' operations, MALTA INFORMATIQUE has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Colisée.
For MALTA INFORMATIQUE, this agreement is destined to assist Colisée in equipping its TITAN software range at all its establishments across Europe.
Specifically, the multi-lingual, multi-establishment and innovative architectural profile of the new TITAN WEB solution will provide a common foundation for all Colisée's facilities in Europe.

With respect to the acquisition of the CARE SOLUTIONS' operations, Grégoire DE ROTALIER, CEO of MALTA INFORMATIQUE and Head of Pharmagest Group's Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division, commented: "By increasing the Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division presence in  Europe, the acquisition of the Care Solutions operations represents a very important first step on our part. We are very pleased to welcome Wim GIELEN, our COO (Chief Operating Officer) along with his teams. Together, we are laying the foundation stone for our development in Belgium. The activities and know-how developed by CARE SOLUTIONS in Belgium provide a perfect fit with our portfolio of solutions. This acquisition will also allow us to strengthen our ability to innovate in Europe by the addition of new talent.

Speaking of this strategic partnership, Christine JEANDEL, Chairman of Colisée, stated: "Our goal is to provide practical, innovative and effective solutions to our Healthcare staff to assist them in the task of providing day-to-day care to the residents in all our establishments in France, Belgium, Spain and Italy. The partnership agreement with MALTA INFORMATIQUE based on its TITAN solution will support this objective and exemplifies the values and culture we both share. And outside France, this development marks the beginning of an international collaboration with a key player that we hope will be long-lasting and productive.

About Colisée

With 16,000 employees, Colisée is a key player in the European health care and old-age dependency sector with real expertise in developing solutions for elderly care and well-being. Its network in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and China accommodates more than 24,000 residents and patients in assisted living facilities. Colisée is also a provider of solutions for home-based care. Colisée's majority shareholder is IK Investment Partners.

About MALTA INFORMATIQUE and the Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division of Pharmagest Group

MALTA INFORMATIQUE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pharmagest Group, is an independent software vendor specialised in applications for assisted living facilities and day care facilities for the elderly, a fast-growing sector in which it has a 28 % market share. Its TITAN application is the only solution on the market with the ability to cover the entire medication pathway for assisted living facilities (ALFs) for the elderly. At 31 August 2019, MALTA INFORMATIQUE was installed at 2,150 ALFs.

MALTA INFORMATIQUE is the operating company responsible for spearheading Pharmagest Group's Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division. With its subsidiaries DICSIT INFORMATIQUE, AXIGATE and ICT, this Division also operates in the HAD (hospitals at home), SSIAD (home-based nursing services), hospital and health centre segments.

This Division equips more than 3,000 health establishments with a team of 160 employees and revenue of €19.27 million in

About Pharmagest Group

Pharmagest Group is the French pharmacy information technology leader, with a market share of more than 44% as a provider of software solutions for pharmacies, 28% for ALFs, 43% for HAD programmes, 20% for health care centres; With more than 1,000 employees. The Group's strategy is based on a core business of improving healthcare through information technology innovation and developing two priority areas: 1/ Services and technologies for healthcare professionals; and 2/ technologies for improving the efficacy of healthcare systems.

To roll out this strategy, Pharmagest Group has developed specialised business lines: pharmacy IT, e-Health solutions, solutions for healthcare professionals, solutions for health and social care facilities (for ALFs, Home-Based Nursing Services, Hospital-at-Home programmes, senior care service centres, multi-professional and paramedical healthcare providers and hospitals), solutions for pharmaceutical laboratories , apps and connected health devices, and a sales financing marketplace...

These businesses are grouped within four Divisions: Pharmacy - Europe Solutions; Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division (MALTA INFORMATIQUE); e-Health Solutions and Fintech.

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