13 Women Say No to The Workplace Status Quo

Discover the tools for women to stand up, speak out, and advocate for themselves and others in new book, Female Firebrands

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Seattle, WA, Jan. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- She is a mission-driven woman who stands up and speaks up for herself and others. She is a vocal advocate, amplifying people of all backgrounds and identities. She is authentic, kind, collaborative, and most importantly, resilient.

She is a Female Firebrand.

In Female Firebrands: Stories & Techniques to Ignite Change, Take Control, and Succeed in the Workplace, Mikaela Kiner—an accomplished HR leader with more than 15 years of experience in major organizations such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks, and the founder and CEO of Reverb—highlights the stories of 13 successful and professional women from diverse backgrounds and industries as they recount the challenges they’ve faced in their careers and how they have overcome bias, sexism, and the power imbalance.

When asked why she felt compelled to tell these stories, Kiner says, “I see opportunities every day to create more healthy places to work where everyone is happy, challenged, and feels a sense of belonging. With two kids, including a teenage daughter, the future of work and gender equality is extremely important to me.”

An honest, modern, and solutions-oriented guide for dealing with situations women know all too well, Female Firebrands offers tools, checklists, and invaluable to-do lists for everyone—women, men looking to be advocates for minorities in their workplace, HR and business leaders—to make sustainable changes to their workplace cultures and policies.  Readers will learn the following:

  • Develop tools and techniques to advocate for yourself others
  • Recognize the “little indignities”
  • Understand what it means to be an informed and empowered advocate for women
  • Increase awareness of your own blind spots and biases
  • Recognize the role of privilege in the workplace and how it can be used for positive change

Female Firebrands, published by Greenleaf, is available today.

Female Firebrands has already received rave reviews:

“Reading Female Firebrands is like getting to listen to a private conversation among powerful, smart women sharing their war stories about the challenges of being a woman in the workplace. Kiner is personable, authentic, and pragmatic.”Julie Pham, Ph.D., VP of Community Engagement & Marketing, Washington Technology Industry Association

“Without an integrated approach to tackling inequities in the workplace, nothing will improve. Mikaela Kiner makes a call for all of us to examine and check our own privileges and then to use those same privileges to help create a more equitable workplace for everyone.” Lydia Frank, VP Content Strategy, Payscale

“A smartly written book that puts women’s stories at the center of the narrative and will help women (and men) affect positive change in the workplace. I couldn’t get enough of these real-life stories told by women from an incredibly diverse set of industries and backgrounds. Their advice and ideas are remarkably easy to understand and put into action. I plan on giving this book to the potential Female Firebrands I know, and the men that want to be great advocates.” Chris Capossela, CMO Microsoft

Female Firebrands is a wonderful book that honors the spirit, passion, and commitment women bring to work, the workplace, and leadership.”Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst in Leadership and HR


About the Author:

Mikaela Kiner is the founder of Reverb, a Seattle-based consultancy focused on people operations. She spent fifteen years in HR leadership roles at local companies including Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, PopCap Games, and Redfin. She serves on the board of Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) and is passionate about Seattle startups, inclusive culture, and coaching high potential leaders. Mikaela is the author of Female Firebrands.

Mikaela’s press kit is available here. The Female Firebrands book trailer can be found here.


Hardcover: 242 pages

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group, LLC.

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1626346739

ISBN-13: 978-1626346734

Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches



Mikaela Kiner author of Female Firebrands: Stories & Techniques to Ignite Change, Take Control, and Succeed in the Workplace

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