480® Lattice Redefines the Troffer with Circadian Spectrum and Glare-Free Illumination

Cocoa Beach, FL, Jan. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Healthe® by Lighting Science announces the first glare-free, edge-lit architectural recessed linear with its proprietary GoodDay® spectrum. 480® Lattice emits a pleasing glow without the harsh glare produced by backlit luminaires, presented in an elegant fixture design that completely redefines the modern troffer. Specifiers finally have a luminaire series that delivers True Circadian™ spectra in an appealing design worthy of modern architecture. 

The new 480 Lattice features Healthe’s patented, dual-pump chip package that delivers the key wavelengths of daylight that are recognized to promote healthy sleep/wake cycles. The cyan-enriched spectrum closely mimics the sun, with a peak spectral output at 480 nanometers that matches the body’s peak circadian sensitivity. Akin to natural sunlight, this spectrum signals the body that it is daytime, keeping the natural circadian rhythm intact and promoting healthy sleep at night. 

Multiple optical options produce uniform luminance that is gentle on the eyes, distributed from 3-, 4½- and 6-inch widths scaled to meet the aesthetic of any space. The low-profile, 2- and 4-foot lengths simply slip over the t-grid structure for easy installation. With the 480 Lattice series as their palette, designers can finally specify True Circadian spectra and modern forms to create clean lines of light that blend with architectural cues or make a statement with bold patterns. Healthe’s GoodDay spectrum, available in multiple Kelvin temperatures, has industry-leading M/P ratios, enabling specifiers to meet the melanopic lux requirements of WELL and other building standards more efficiently. 

“480 Lattice combines all the elements that connect light and health – the source feels natural, it’s comfortable, and it delivers the circadian stimulus generated by exposure to sunlight,” says Meggan Kessler, Healthe VP of Marketing and Product Management. “When you add in the design flexibility and ease of installation, 480 Lattice proves that there’s no need to make design sacrifices when you put occupants’ health and wellness first.” 

Healthe products, including 480 Lattice, are represented in major metropolitan markets by a network of lighting agents. To learn more about 480 Lattice and how Healthe is harnessing the ingredients of light to promote health and wellness, visit


Healthe by Lighting Science introduces the new 480® LATTICE Designer Series with True Circadian™ Technology The 480® LATTICE by Healthe® by Lighting Science is the first glare-free, edge-lit architectural recessed linear with its proprietary GoodDay® spectrum.

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