Holy Cross Hospital, a member of Trinity Health, implements CODE Technology’s Patient-Reported Outcomes Platform

The program is designed to improve Patient experience + Quality + Care

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. and MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Holy Cross Hospital and CODE Technology partnered to implement a patient-reported outcomes (PROs) program in the Orthopedics practice. To support their strong commitment to delivering the best patient experience, quality and care, Holy Cross chose to implement a patient-reported outcomes program to track, monitor and ensure the best possible patient outcomes, powered by a partnership with CODE Technology.

A robust patient-reported outcomes program is aligned to Holy Cross’ strategic focus on quality and value-based care. Dr. Paul Bruning, Executive Director Orthopedics for Holy Cross Medical Group, said, “Our entire practice is excited about the patient-reported outcomes program. We believe in value-based care and we take quality, outcomes and value seriously at Holy Cross. Our patient's experience helps improve outcomes and value perceived by both patient and payer. Our PRO program will ensure that we are asking the right questions, listening to potential value ideas and more importantly helping us to take appropriate actions for improvement.” 

“Holy Cross is very patient-centric, and we value each and every patient,” says Dr. William Burke, an Orthopedic surgeon at Holy Cross. “By collecting outcome data with CODE, we will be able to demonstrate to our current and prospective patients that we have quality physicians, expertise and quality staff.”

Dr. Paul Bruning also said, “The data will be used to improve patient satisfaction, quality improvement, value and research. The practice is excited to utilize CODE’s benchmarking reports.” He said, “We look at outcomes from the patient's perspective because that's what health care is about...taking care of the patient. So, the patient’s view is very important in terms of the value and quality of care provided.”

CODE Technology’s service-centered platform will scale the data capture efforts for Holy Cross. The CODE business model is different from most PRO vendors. Instead of licensing a tool to distribute surveys, when practices partner with CODE, they are hiring a PRO-educated team to manage the data collection and reporting. This results in a high capture rate, zero disruption to workflow and high-quality data. Outcome data will be collected 100% outside of the clinic. This leads to improved patient experience and removes the need for Holy Cross to hire additional employees or purchase additional hardware.

Holy Cross’ patients will have an easy and convenient way to complete their PRO assessments - via email, text message or by phone, all from the convenience of their own home and devices, which leads to higher response rates. This provides Holy Cross with a consistent stream of data for quality assurance and research purposes.

CODE Technology’s CEO, Breanna Cunningham, says, “Holy Cross is extremely committed to its patients and is always striving to become better. The outcome data CODE provides Holy Cross will allow them to quantify their value and really demonstrate how they stand out from the crowd. We are absolutely thrilled to provide them with an outcomes team and the infrastructure to collect and report data, all with improving the patient experience in mind.”

About Holy Cross
Holy Cross Hospital founded in 1955 in Fort Lauderdale and now in partnership with Trinity Health, has evolved into the premier healthcare destination for the South Florida communities. The hospital brings together more than 600 highly skilled physicians in nearly every medical specialty. To learn about the full range of specialties and services, visit https://www.holy-cross.com/find-a-service-or-specialty/.

About CODE Technology
CODE Technology provides the patient-reported outcomes (PROs) platform as a service to collect, report and benchmark PRO data. They have a software platform and a powerful algorithm, but most importantly, they have humans who manage the PROs program and treat it like their own. CODE has dedicated account managers who manage the PROs program and handle the enrolment, collection and reporting.  To learn more about CODE Technology and its platform, visit https://www.codetechnology.com/patient-reported-outcomes-platform/

Saumya Pandey
CODE Technology