Foresight Solar & Technology VCT plc - GM Statement


Foresight Solar & Technology VCT plc

General Meeting Statement

The Board of Foresight Solar & Technology VCT plc is pleased to announce that at the General Meeting of the Company held at 11.00 a.m. on 27 January 2020 all of the resolutions were duly passed.

The proxy voting was as follows:


Votes For (or at the Chairman’s discretion) Votes Against
  1. Authority to allot Foresight Williams Technology (FWT) Shares
2,146,704 (78.36%) 592,684 (21.64%)
  1. Disapplication of pre-emption rights
2,244,189 (83.76%) 435,235 (16.24%)
  1. Authority to make market purchase of FWT Shares
2,158,135 (83.67%) 421,331 (16.33%)
  1. Arrangements with the Company’s Manager
2,340,076 (85.99%) 381,404 (14.01%)
  1. Amendments to the Company’s articles of association
2,180,164 (80.10%) 541,708 (19.90%)
  1. Amendments to the Company’s investment policy
2,205,579 (80.51%) 533,809 (19.49%)
  1. Cancellation of share premium account
2,302,859 (86.15%) 370,355 (13.85%)

As Resolution 1 was passed with a majority of less than 80% of those shareholders voting, and the results in respect of other resolutions were similar, the Company intends to follow the UK Corporate Governance Code and, in the next six months, consult shareholders, particularly those who voted against the resolutions, so the result can be better understood. The Company notes that the result may not have been truly representative of shareholder opinion due to a low voter turnout.

For further information please contact:

Gary Fraser, Foresight Group:                           020 3667 8159