The Waldorf Center Ended 2019 With Two New Treatments

Dr. Kathleen Waldorf, Dr. Rachel Streu, and their team added Emtone™ for smoothing cellulite and CoolTone™ for body contouring to their menu of services

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the fall and winter of 2019, Waldorf Center patients found two new options available to them: Emtone™ and CoolTone™. Portland-based Dr. Kathleen Waldorf and Dr. Rachel Streu added the nonsurgical services to the practice to provide more treatments for patients looking to refine their look.

While some body-contouring procedures and treatments are intended for more dramatic changes, both of these newly available services focus more on details.

Emtone™ combines targeted pressure and radiofrequency energy to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the legs, buttocks, and elsewhere. The single treatment device approaches the problem of dimpled skin from several angles, working to release the tension that causes telltale puckers, improve skin elasticity and structural stability, stimulate healthy circulation in the target area, reduce volume, and free waste material below the skin to be processed and removed by the body.

When combined, these benefits create smoother, more youthful-looking skin that improves over the months following a 20-minute session.

Emtone™ is made by BTL, the same company that offers EMSCULPT®, which sculpts the arms, legs, and more with high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy.

CoolTone™ uses “Magnetic Muscle Stimulation” to prompt contractions that lead to a more toned look. Ideal for patients who are already lean, this treatment targets muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs in order to add definition and contour.  The device works by causing a concentrated session of high-intensity contractions, which build the muscles up and promote some metabolization of nearby fat cells.

The results develop over the following weeks, yielding an effect similar to a steady routine of sit-ups, squats, and similar exercises.

CoolTone™ is made by Allergan, which also manufactures CoolSculpting® fat-reduction devices.

The goal of both of these newly available treatments is not radical change, but the sort of attention to detail that takes the look of the skin or a slim silhouette to the next level. Patients should continue to exercise and eat healthy meals after their sessions.

Discover more about Emtone™ and CoolTone™ at The Waldorf Center in Portland, as well as other body-contouring treatments and surgical procedures available. Send a message online to arrange a consultation, or call 503-646-0101 to speak with someone in the office.