Commercial Health Insurance Share Of Payer Market Drops Three Percentage Points: OPEN MINDS Releases Update On U.S. Insurance Coverage & Trends Between 2011 & 2018

Gettysburg, Pa, Feb. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  A new report by OPEN MINDSU.S. Insurance Coverage & Trends, 2011-2018: An OPEN MINDS Reference Guide, found that the majority (56%) of the U.S. population was covered by commercial health insurance, including those with employer-sponsored coverage, health insurance marketplace coverage, and self-insured. This is down three percentage points from 2016, when 59% of the U.S. population was covered by commercial health insurance.

Although the majority of the population was covered by commercial health insurance in 2018, 9% of the population was uninsured. The uninsured rate dropped six percentage points from 2011 when 15% of the population was uninsured.

This report provides an analysis of trends of U.S. insurance coverage between 2011 and 2018 including those who are covered by commercial insurance (employer-sponsored; health insurance marketplace coverage; self-insured), publicly-sponsored insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare-Medicaid dual eligible), TRICARE, and the uninsured. The report also includes a state-by-state breakdown of trends by payer between 2016 and 2018, as well as the trends for the uninsured population by state.

“At both the state and national level, we have seen a number of changes occur over the past decade, which have had a significant impact on payer distribution” said OPEN MINDS Executive Vice President Corinne Kuypers-Denlinger. “When considering the three major factors that affect health insurance coverage—state policy, commercial market, and demographics—these factors have contributed not only to decreases in enrollment, but also increases in uninsured rates. As a result, the number of individuals with health insurance has decreased for the first time since the passage of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act in 2010.”

A free summary analysis of the report can be found at: How Big Is The Ocean? Health Insurance Coverage & Strategy. The report, U.S. Insurance Coverage & Trends, 2011-2018: An OPEN MINDS Reference Guide, is available at no charge to Premium and Elite members of The OPEN MINDS Circle and can be purchased in the OPEN MINDS shop for $295.


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