New Acquisitions Kicks Off the Year with Their Semi-Annual Regional Conference

ATLANTA, GA, Feb. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A few times a year, New Acquisitions invites their partners across the southeast along with their top-performing leaders to their semi-annual regional leadership conference in Atlanta to meet, network with, and learn from the region’s top Directors.

Employees gathered to attend seminar-style presentations from these top directors ranging from leadership development and office culture to marketing tactics and the fast track to management. Along with these presentations, top performers were also awarded for their hard work. Our employees are always excited to connect with like-minded individuals in the industry and celebrate their accomplishments while also gaining valuable knowledge to grow and challenge themselves throughout the year. With growth opportunities available around every corner, these conferences are held to highlight the achievements made in each quarter.

Our newly promoted Director Prince Davies, whose discussion topic was Elite Goals said that it was a privilege to speak at his first regional leadership conference, stating “it was great to be an example to my team and motivate them to push through the challenges in their careers to elevate them to the next level.”

A running theme throughout our organization is leadership development and personal growth. Our employees have the pleasure of witnessing their colleagues achieve both personal and professional milestones. Being able to observe your peers getting acknowledged for their hard work and dedication creates an atmosphere of ambitious individuals all working towards a common goal.

Adam Gerald, our National Consultant, who hosted the conference for his second time acknowledged that “watching the growth of the southeast region from the last meeting to this one inspires me to come in and work harder every day.”

We’re excited about the growth opportunities that our industry is experiencing and are excited to take on new challenges. We look forward to the next conference to celebrate the career highlights and gain further insight on maintaining momentum, growth, and success.



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