Hunters Takes Generational Leap in AI-based Threat Hunting

Collaboration with new ally Snowflake to boost velocity and effectiveness of data-driven autonomous threat detection

LEXINGTON, Mass. and TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hunters, an Israeli cybersecurity start-up, today announced a generational leap forward in AI-based threat detection. Through collaboration with industry ally Snowflake, the cloud data platform, Hunters will boost the velocity and effectiveness of its data-driven autonomous threat hunting solution.

This new industry journey with Snowflake will enable Hunters to accelerate data onboarding and allow organizations to harness petabytes of security data with ease. Moreover, by leveraging the Snowflake data lake, Hunters will enable interconnection of diverse enterprise data sources to supercharge autonomous threat hunting.

Hunters.AI cross-references and correlates events, logs, and static data from every organizational data source and security telemetry control, using its AI engine to detect threats across every attack surface from the moment it’s installed. Organizational data sources can range from security solution logs emitted by EDR, firewall, and cloud security, to Software-as-a-Service solutions by Okta, ADP, Cisco Meraki, and others. Hunters.AI leverages a vast repository of attack intelligence and TTP-based detectors to extract threat leads across the gamut of IT environments.

“In 20 years of security practice I have not seen anything as effective, fast, and with comparable high fidelity as Hunters.AI – truly a leap ahead,” commented Mario Duarte, VP Security at Snowflake. “In collaboration with Hunters, Snowflake offers the market a unique and powerful data-driven threat detection and response capability.”

About Hunters: Hunters launched its innovative autonomous threat hunting solution in May 2019. Combining unique attack intelligence and AI, ‘Hunters.AI’ scales top-tier threat hunting techniques and detects cyberattacks that bypass existing security solutions. By seamlessly connecting to raw organizational data and extracting TTP-based threat leads, it performs autonomous investigation and intelligently correlates threat leads across all attack surfaces. ‘Hunters.AI’ equips security operation teams with bottom-line attack stories, enabling rapid identification, comprehension, and response to newly exposed cyberthreats. Learn more at: Hunters.AI

About the collaboration: Hunters, together with Snowflake’s data lake product lets security teams easily centralize operational IT data and security telemetry to achieve high-fidelity, extended threat detection (including both structured and semi-structured data). In conjunction with Snowflake, Hunters.AI extracts, ingests and retains relevant instances from gathered organizational data via off-the-shelf connectors to and from Snowflake, for combination with other enterprise data sources. The Hunters.AI autonomous threat hunting engine then analyzes this data via Snowflake Secure Data Sharing, using detection logic covering advanced attacker techniques, as well as the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Security teams can then perform manual analysis within Snowflake or leverage Hunters.AI graph-based interface, highlighting relationships among relevant entities.

Go here to get more info about this collaboration, and book a live demo at RSA Conference.

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