OpenSlate Launches Universal SlateScore Metric for Digital Video

Industry Standard Metric Redesigned to Deliver Marketers a Consistent Lens on Content Quality Across All Online Video

New York, New York

NEW YORK, Feb. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpenSlate, the leading provider of content ratings across the world’s largest digital platforms, today announced the launch of a new universal SlateScore for digital video content. The re-engineered SlateScore is applied across nearly 4MM channels and pages on YouTube and Facebook and is designed for use across the open web. The content quality standard, which has been in place since OpenSlate launched in 2012, has been fully redesigned to offer consistency across all online video.

Online video ad campaigns often run across inventory spanning millions of videos, making human curation of content quality impossible. The most engaging and impactful videos do not necessarily originate with professional production environments. So, SlateScore levels the playing field, giving advertisers a consistent means of evaluating quality for myriad content types.

SlateScore is a numeric rating of video content quality - assigned at the creator or publisher level. The score is based on criteria such as safety thresholds, audience engagement for a video and the consistency of content within a channel or from specific publishers. Advertisers use SlateScore to determine the highest quality environments for their campaigns.

“SlateScore allows marketers to consistently evaluate the quality of the environments in which their ads run - and is designed for all online video. Transparency and standards drive increased media investment and reward the best players in the ecosystem,” said Mike Henry, CEO of OpenSlate.

OpenSlate’s content ratings system is already used by more than 300 brands in 37 markets around the world. In addition to measuring quality, advertisers use OpenSlate’s pre-campaign targeting solutions to control for brand safe and contextual relevant environments. SlateScore is currently in use for Facebook and YouTube, with measurement of additional platforms planned for future rollout.

OpenSlate’s content ratings system fosters a healthy online video ecosystem and promotes high quality content. The company's technology and independent ratings provide insight into the nature and quality of content on the world's largest digital video platforms. OpenSlate is the only company that can comprehensively measure brand safety, suitability and context for advertisers, and identify the most effective content for their campaigns. The company's solutions are used by every major advertising holding company, as well as the world's largest advertisers. Learn more at

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Kate Ritchie