New Survey from Igneous Reveals Sixty Percent of AWS re:Invent Attendees Now Manage more than One Billion Files

Many Struggling with Visibility, Movement and Protection

SEATTLE, Feb. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new study from Igneous found that 60 percent of 2019 AWS re:Invent attendees now manage more than one billion files. While one in ten manage 154 billion files comprising 83 petabytes of file data. “Machine-generated data from sensors and imaging has caused a tsunami of file data,” says Kiran Bhageshpur, CEO of Igneous. “Organizations are struggling to deal with the massive scale of all this unstructured data.”

Igneous, the SaaS data management company for file intensive environments, sponsored the study, which polled hundreds of attendees from a wide range of industries to explore this topic.

Unstructured Data is Hard to Manage
Most respondents (70 percent) revealed that managing their unstructured data is somewhat to extremely difficult. The most common reason being, it is difficult to move files between cloud platforms, between on-prem tiers, and between on-prem and the cloud. In addition, it’s extremely hard to gain visibility into billions of files.

Visibility is the Biggest Issue
Respondents were asked to discuss the biggest problem they face with regard to managing so much unstructured data. The top response is having trouble finding specific data. Attendees also report not knowing when they can delete specific files, and struggle to manage a disparate array of data silos (both on-prem and in the cloud). Further, they don’t know which data they can move to secondary tiers or the cloud. Finally, respondents said they are missing backup windows. In fact, half admitted they aren’t even trying to backup or archive data to the cloud. AWS re:Invent attendees report, it takes too long, has security implications, is too expensive and overall is just too inefficient to accomplish.

Unstructured Data is Valuable
Respondents said two-thirds of their data had moderate to extreme value. They classified just a third of their data as having little value. Next was a question about franchise data. Sports teams often have a franchise player who is so important that the value of the franchise is based on that single player. Franchise data is precisely the same—data so valuable it defines the value of the organization. How valuable? Forty percent of the respondents say they now manage franchise data.

The full ‘Rise of the Data Economy’ survey is available at The free report includes a list of top strategic tips from Igneous, whose customers are North America’s leading data-intensive organizations managing billions of files and petabytes of unstructured data.

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