Tamino Minerals, Inc. filed a complaint in Mexico with the FGR and submits a report to Investors

The following are statements and opinions expressed by Tamino Minerals, Inc.:

MONTREAL, Feb. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tamino Minerals, Inc. ("Tamino" or the "Company") (OTC: TINO). Through its subsidiary, Minerales Tamino S.A. from C.V. and other subsidiaries filed a Federal Complaint against an individual with Mexico’s Attorney General's, FGR, for Financial Fraud in the offices residing in the State of Sonora, under Case number 2017/5734/R and under Case Number with the Human Rights Commission in Mexico: CNDH/5/2017/5734/R  and File Number 77906/2017.

The company has been in communication with the authorities regarding this case and intends to demonstrate to the Attorney General that the Mining claim hasn’t been drilled yet. Therefore, we would like to remind Prosecutors that they are obliged to assist us in pursuing this investigation.

It is important that the Prosecutor's Office in charge of this case respond in an appropriate manner to the senior executives of the company in order to conclude said investigation satisfactorily.

It should be clarified that the company has been the victim of several abuses by several Mexican businessmen in recent months, so the company has full confidence that the authorities will support us in resolving this investigation abiding to Law and demonstrating respect for Mexican Laws.

We hope that the authorities contribute to solving this case and that no witness is extorted or intimidated, so that the investigation be resolved expeditiously.

The investors consistently acknowledge that our efforts have been very good. In the same way we consider it important that the same investors cooperate so that this project is explored using modern methods and we do not fall into the same mistakes of the past.

It is important to mention that some investors are not happy with the way Mexican Authorities have reacted to this Fraud Complaint, and they would like to mention that a group of Mexican Businessman willfully impaired our progress while attempting to resolve this issue abiding to law. We believe that this is not fair and that we have not managed to advance at the necessary pace that our investors would demand in order to keep them satisfied.

Most of this message are attribute to our CEO, Pedro Villagran Garcia that would like to add that the current government must be accountable for this matter, and must respect us, since they are the ones in command for the Fourth Mexican Transformation, their support to resolve this case is very important.

The most important thing is that our Company can carry out our exploration programs. This program includes an exhaustive Drilling Program within an important mining region of the State of Sonora.

Sonora is the main producer of Gold in the Mexican Republic. The task of drilling could provide us enough evidence in order to quantify the value of the fraud.

Our CEO hereby communicates to the Mexican and South American Mining Community that we request your support to continue our job so that this investigation does not remain unpunished, like others have due to lack of support.


Pedro Villagran-Garcia, CEO
Tamino Minerals, Inc.
Phone 1-514-432-7746 or email info@taminominerals.ca