TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics Technology Recognized for Promoting D&I in New Research from RedThread

NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TrustSphere, a recognized market leader in Relationship Analytics and passive Organizational Network Analytics (ONA), today shared details of its inclusion in RedThread’s research, “Helping Women Rise: How Networks and Technology Can Accelerate Women’s Advancement.”

The study, authored by Stacia Garr and Emily Sanders, considers the issue of gender representation in leadership and posits the following solution to the continued discrepancy: “Women are not gaining access to the information and opportunities they need from their professional networks in order to advance.” Pursuing this theory, the research highlights TrustSphere for its ability to promote inclusion and diversity within organizations.

Looking specifically at TrustSphere, Garr and Sanders explore the company’s ONA technology that works to uncover and understand the relationship networks of high-potential employees. By auditing such connections, TrustSphere found that while HiPos have extensive contacts, these are not always the relationships needed for additional promotion and leadership development.

Stacia Garr, co-founder and principal analyst of RedThread Research, shared, “To create this research, we conducted an extensive literature review and interviewed D&I, HR and technology vendor leaders. In doing so, we recognized that there remain stark differences between women and men’s networks and that this gap represents a significant opportunity for organizations to adjust their practices using ONA technology. TrustSphere is actively helping employers do this work and their customers have reported some impressive results.”   

TrustSphere’s approach addresses several key findings discovered through the research, particularly that “most organizations today are not actively focusing on the role of women’s work networks in helping or hindering their advancement.” Last year, the company introduced its D&I MRI innovation, which leverages TrustSphere’s core technology to determine network homophily using communication metadata. The D&I MRI is able to detect gender differences in networks and relationships across an organization, providing meaningful inclusiveness measures and insights to drive sustainable behavioral change. 

Manish Goel, founder and CEO of TrustSphere, commented, “In this research, RedThread turns a spotlight on how networks help shape one’s career trajectory. Through analyzing the connections that employees make and relationships that they build, it becomes possible to advance the organization’s ‘hidden stars’ and enhance inclusiveness overall. We’re proud to be included in this important body of work by RedThread Research.”

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About TrustSphere
TrustSphere is the widely recognized market leader in Relationship Analytics. It helps organizations leverage a most valuable asset – their collective relationship network. By analyzing log data from enterprise communication and collaboration systems such as email and using advanced data science and machine learning, TrustSphere builds and maintains an enterprise’s own relationship graph. Leveraging the science of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), TrustSphere measures the relationship capital of individual employees, of teams and of organizations as a whole. This rich set of analytics surface insights which help our clients across the globe address key business challenges including workforce productivity, sales force effectiveness, enterprise-wide collaboration and Diversity & Inclusion.

Current uses of our workforce analytics solutions include measuring the impact of leadership development, identifying high potentials, understanding and finding hidden influencers, accelerating new staff onboarding and measuring the effectiveness of inclusion and diversity programs. Our ground-breaking solutions, processed using our proprietary technology platform, are deployed through an increasing number of technology and business partners including Visier, and leading management consultancies.


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