Tamino Minerals is pleased to announce new Social Media stats increasing our brand awareness between Investors and General Public

Hermosillo, MEXICO

MONTREAL, Feb. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tamino Minerals ("Tamino" or the "Company") (OTC Markets: TINO), Mr. Pedro Villagran-Garcia, President & CEO, is pleased to announce that our shareholders have been posting on various Discussion Forums regarding the increasing Daily Volume within our Website and Social Media. 

Tamino has benefited from the Services of the IT Consultants, Web Developers and Social Media Consultants in the Cyber Community. Our commitment towards bringing the most relevant data and images is of great importance.

Statistics dictate trends, and if our Stats are increasing in value that means that management is carrying out its obligations and meeting shareholders expectations. Please review the following statistics as they are depictive of our current success:

  1. Facebook has increased its number of followers by 700% in the last month
    1. People reached with Posts increased 1,661%
    2. Page Likes increased 700%
    3. Post Engagement increased 982%
    4. Videos Up by 44,080%
    5. Page Views increased by 81%
  2. Twitter has increased the number of Impressions to 50,000 per month from 13,000 from the last period in January
    1. Followers have increased
    2. Likes, Engagements, Replies and Retweets also have increased
  3. On Investors Hub we have been on some of the most important Boards with the best rankings lately.
  4. Instagram have increased from the week before with more followers, comments, likes and views
    1. Followers have increased
    2. Impressions have increased by 40%
    3. Reach increased by 15%
  5. Soundcloud has also increased its numbers of followers
  6. LinkedIn has conservatively increased its number of followers.
    1. Followers have increased 100%
    2. Impressions have increased 57%
    3. Unique Visitors up 33%
    4. Page Views up 100%
  7. YouTube has increased its views moderately
  8. Website Statistics within the last 28 Days are the following:
    1. Page Users up 194.9%
    2. Sessions up 164.4%
    3. Mobile Users are up 186.5%
    4. Our website has increased its number of visitors do to the increase in the Price of Gold

During the week we will disclose more information regarding our Website Statistics. We are posting this because transparency is important, and our Shareholders must be informed of facts as several key shareholders have suggested.

The fact that the company is increasing its awareness will facilitate decision making. The Price of Gold has increased substantially recently and share price is intimately intertwined with the price of the Precious Metal.

Tamino will benefit from the Services of the IT Consultants, Web Developers and Social Media Consultants in the Cyber Community. Our commitment towards bringing the most relevant data and images is of great importance.

The website has integrated several tools, like for example a Newsletter and other features to get to know better our audience and assist the shareholders by allowing to make a better assessment of their investment in the company. We encourage our shareholders to subscribe to our newsletter filling out the form within the investor relations section.

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We will continue to create updates and informing our audience with comments that will eventually generate awareness amongst our Shareholders.

TAMINO MINERALS INC. is exploring for gold deposits within a prolific gold producing geologic state, Sonora. Examples like the Herradura, El Chanate, Mulatos, La India and La Colorada, all projects in Sonora have economic minable amounts of gold and are located close to our projects.

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/TaminoMinerals
Facebook:   www.facebook.com/taminominerals
Instagram: www.instagram.com/taminominerals 
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/taminominerals 
and YouTube:   http://bit.ly/33nPS9n

On behalf of the Board,

Pedro Villagran-Garcia, President & CEO
Tamino Minerals, Inc.

For further information, please contact the Company at 1-514-432-7746 or by email at info@taminominerals.ca

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