Liberty Auto Protection Demonstrates How Auto Protection Plans Overcome Manufacturer's Warranties

Ocean, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

Ocean, New Jersey, Feb. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Liberty Auto Protection recently shared important details about how vehicle service plans help car owners overcome manufacturing warranties. 

While a manufacturer's warranty is a standard feature that comes with all new vehicles, vehicle owners have the option to purchase an extended service plan. The latter can provide a viable option to motorists as it covers essential repairs. As a result, it becomes easier to overcome the limitations of the manufacturer's warranty.

Liberty Auto Protection indicates that motorists can pick the ideal plan from multiple options. Doing so makes it easier to take advantage of the right coverage. Although each plan comes with somewhat different features, they all cover some aspects like spark plugs, gearbox oil, fuel filters, coolant, and brake fluid.

To pick the correct plan, Liberty Auto Protection recommends scrutinizing the fine print that comes with the service plan agreement. The most comprehensive plan offered by the administrators provides peace of mind. Many experts refer to it as the bumper-to-bumper plan since it covers the majority of mechanical and other issues that may need repair.

As can be expected, the plan comes with fewer exclusions. This benefit makes it easier to overcome the limitations associated with the manufacturer's warranty. Policyholders can count on the plan to provide coverage for wear-and-tear replacement items. These include tires, batteries, and brakes. 

However, Liberty emphasizes that vehicle owners should be aware that, to qualify, a vehicle should have a mileage of fewer than 60,000 miles. Different auto protection insurers may have varying terms and conditions relating to the qualifying criteria.

Leading Auto Protection Companies 

The auto protection market is overflowing with reputable firms, which offers well-designed extended warranty plans from which to choose. Some of the top vehicle protection companies include Endurance, Liberty Auto Protection, Carchex, Concord Auto Protect, and Liberty Bell.


Endurance allows policyholders to work with up to 350,000 certified mechanics throughout the United States and Canada. The leading firm also has agreements with the majority of dealerships in the country. Clients can have their claims processed around the clock, which provides added convenience. The auto protection provider boasts the coveted gold-level certification issued by the Vehicle Protection Assemblies (VPA).

Liberty Auto Protection

Liberty offers several extended warranty plans, including the Select Coverage Plan, the Engine Coverage Plan, the Powertrain Coverage Plan, and the Enhanced Powertrain Coverage Plan. These options make it easier to find a plan that fits with specific needs and budget. 

Vehicle owners can also take advantage of additional services and features like road assistance, unlimited claims, car rentals, transferable coverage, and trip interruption protection. Consultants are reachable via the Liberty Auto Protection phone number.


Carchex offers five plans that come with varying coverage options. Its packages provide a wider coverage than most auto protection companies. It offers a Silver Plan that covers various items similar to those covered by the powertrain warranty. The Platinum tier is the ultimate bumper-to-bumper version that provides comprehensive coverage. The firms also offer plans designed for vehicles with mileage over 60,000 and 125,000.

Concord Auto Protect 

This vehicle protection provider is known for its superior customer service. Customers can reach the support services during day and night via Facebook chat, phone, and email. The firm allows customers to take vehicles to any repair facility accredited by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). 

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell covers a wide variety of automobile makes, including Volkswagen and Acura. It allows customers to pick the ideal plan from a choice of three, which covers various components. The firm's plans are transferable to ensure flexibility for customers.


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