Adesto’s EcoXiP™ Octal xSPI Memory Delivers Exceptional System Operation with STMicroelectronics’ New STM32H7A3/7B3 and STM32H7B0 MCUs

70% Higher Performance and 51% Better Power Efficiency versus Quad SPI Memory Devices

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adesto Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: IOTS), a leading provider of innovative application-specific semiconductors and systems for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced that its EcoXiP™ octal xSPI flash memory device delivers high-bandwidth, power-efficient program and data memory extension as well as eXecute-in-Place (XiP) system operation with STMicroelectronics’ new STM32H7A3/7B3 and STM32H7B0 microcontrollers (MCUs). With the Adesto® EcoXiP, the new MCUs can deliver 70% higher performance while being 51% more power efficient when running in XiP mode from EcoXiP as compared to XiP with a standard quad flash memory device*.

The newest additions to STMicroelectronics’ STM32H7 product series – the STM32H7A3 and STM32H7B3 single core line and the STM32H7B0 value line MCUs – are designed with power efficiency, security, and a high level of integration to support rich graphical interfaces, human machine interfaces (HMIs) and natural language interfaces in next-generation smart devices. The MCUs implement a combination of on-chip flash and two octal SPI ports, which support NOR flash memory.

With application complexity increasing, driven by the need for richer, more intuitive GUIs and increased processing for capabilities such as AI, system designers need greater flexibility in the amount of non-volatile memory (NVM) available in their system for holding data such as images and weights. This in turn creates a challenge for OEMs in managing many different product SKUs. The answer lies in the ability to expand the amount of NVM in the system using high-bandwidth, power efficient external memory like EcoXiP while keeping the same MCU in the center of the system design.

“Our STM32H7A3, STM32H7B3, and STM32H7B0 MCUs are ideal for engineers who want the features of the STM32H7 series with lower power consumption and greater integration,” said Daniel Colonna, marketing director, Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics. “For design teams providing richer graphics, we included a dual octo-SPI interface on the new MCUs that assures high throughput and using memory-mapped mode, treats external flash like an internal memory during read operations. By using an octal SPI device like Adesto’s EcoXiP with our new MCUs, designers can create high-performance, low-power systems for more energy-efficient, lower-cost products.”

XiP operation, where code is executed directly from an external flash device, is also an increasing trend since it enables designers to support growing amounts of functionality by easily scaling their system with additional program space. EcoXiP offers system performance comparable to executing code directly out of internal on-chip NVM. With EcoXiP as the external flash memory, designers can seamlessly expand their system, with easy firmware development and don’t need to worry about which code is internal versus external to the MCU.

“Many designers choose a quad SPI memory for their XiP system, but depending on their application, they may have trouble meeting performance requirements with a quad device,” said Gideon Intrater, CTO, Adesto. “When using one of ST’s innovative new MCUs, designers should consider XiP operation with an octal SPI device. EcoXiP can provide significant performance advantages for many applications, and it also improves the system power efficiency. We’re delighted that ST implemented full support for EcoXiP’s wrap and continue command, which contributes to its exceptional performance.”

About EcoXiP
Built on an innovative memory and protocol architecture, EcoXiP was designed from the ground-up to solve the challenges of XiP (eXecute-in-Place) systems. EcoXiP replaces expensive, energy-inefficient memory architectures, making power and performance trade-offs unnecessary in a wide range of connected devices. For a broad array of MCUs and other intelligent IoT devices, EcoXiP delivers high system performance, optimized latency and throughput, concurrent read-while-write capability, enhanced security, and industry-leading standby power.

* Editor Note: In XiP performance tests, the H7A coupled with the EcoXiP delivers 70% higher performance while being 51% more power efficient than the H7A coupled with a standard quad flash operating at the same frequency.

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