Lightspeed Systems Recognized as Top Innovative Ed-Tech Solution Provider

Relay Platform Honored for Innovation Around Student Safety, Ed-Tech Analytics

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

Austin, TX, Feb. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading education technology solutions provider Lightspeed Systems (“Lightspeed” or “the Company"), was recognized this week as a Top Innovative Ed-Tech Solution Provider by Enterprisetechsuccess Magazine in its annual special edition focused on ed-tech.

With the Relay Platform, Lightspeed Systems is using innovative new technology, from AI and machine learning to its patent-pending Smart Agents, to make technology use in schools safer and to better protect students – blocking inappropriate content, monitoring activity across all sites and platforms, alerting school personnel of safety risks, and reporting on all usage. With Relay, schools are able to keep device use focused on education and stay ahead of the game when it comes to student safety and productivity.

While the Relay Platform is a complete solution for 1:1 programs that provides filtering, student protection, device management, classroom management, and reporting, two primary components of the platform drove the designation of top innovative ed-tech solution: Safety Check student monitoring platform and Analytics app reporting.

As schools move to 1:1 programs and mobile technology becomes ubiquitous in classrooms, student safety is a growing concern. A key feature included with the Relay Filter, Safety Check uses advanced AI to monitor student activity and alert school personnel in real time of students at risk of violence to themselves or others, including suicide, self-harm, cyberbullying, and other forms of violence. This proactive approach helps schools keep students safe even as suicide rates among young people and incidents of school violence are on the rise.

With the increase in technology use and ed-tech spending, schools need data – about how devices and ed-tech resources are being utilized as well as how those various tools stack up against a growing body of regulations around student data privacy and security. Relay Analytics gives schools that powerful reporting platform with ROI, adoption, engagement, and privacy compliance reports for all apps, applications, web sites, and online tools in use – including unknown, or "rogue," apps.

"We’re leading the way both in the number of students we protect and how long we’ve been partnering with schools to keep their technology use safe. Through our 20 year history helping schools and protecting students, we’ve always been agile and innovative – adapting to the latest technology and delivering new solutions and smarter ways for schools to solve their challenges," shares Brian Thomas, President & CEO of Lightspeed Systems. "Now more than ever, the top challenge is student safety. Safety Check is saving students' lives, and we're very proud of the impact that technology is having. It's an honored to be recognized for that innovation." 

Serving as a leading media and technology publication, Enterprisetechsuccess Magazine creates a platform to connect business and technology to its anticipated audience. Lightspeed Systems was recognized in its annual ed-tech special edition focused on Top Innovative Ed-Tech Solution Providers.


About Lightspeed Systems
Lightspeed Systems is on a mission to protect students. Lightspeed Systems partners with schools to make their technology safe and easily managed. Partnered with 6,500 districts in the United States and 28,000 schools around the world, Lightspeed Systems offers integrated filtering, management, monitoring, and protection for schools through its groundbreaking platform, Relay. Headquartered in Austin, TX (with offices in Portland and the U.K.), Lightspeed serves over 15 million students in 35 countries. To learn more, visit





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