Cristiano Veloso Acquires Securities of Verde AgriTech Plc

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil, Feb. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cristiano Veloso (the “Acquiror”) announces that he acquired 750,000 shares (the “Shares”) of Verde AgriTech Plc (TSX: “NPK”) (OTCQB: “AMHPF”) (the “Company”) shares to satisfy compensation obligations (the "Issuance"), on February 18, 2020. Prior to the Issuance, the Acquiror held 6,446,093 Shares representing approximately 14.00% of the issued and outstanding Shares. Following the Issuance, the Acquiror holds 7,196,093 Shares representing approximately 15.33% of the issued and outstanding Shares. The Acquiror received the Issuance shares at $0.40 per Share for total consideration of $300,000. The Acquiror acquired the Shares for investment purposes, and the Acquiror may, depending upon market and other conditions, increase or decrease his beneficial ownership, control or direction over additional securities of the Company, through market transactions, private agreements, treasury issuances, exercise of convertible securities or otherwise. The Acquiror does not have any plans related to any of the matters in the enumerated list in Item 5.1 of Form 62-103F1.

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The address of the Company’s head office is 1.777, Álvares Cabral Avenue, 2nd floor, Santo Agostinho. Belo Horizonte, MG, 30170-008

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