NetAlly Announces AirMapper™ Site Survey App for EtherScope nXG to Speed and Simplify Wi-Fi Network Mapping

Colorado Springs, Colorado, UNITED STATES

NetAlly delivers significant new functionality that simplifies network professionals’ task of generating Wi-Fi heatmaps, with enhanced performance visibility for AllyCare support program customers

PHOENIX, Feb. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today at their vendor event at the Wireless LAN Professional’s Conference in Phoenix (#wlpc), NetAlly formally announced the upcoming release of the new AirMapper™ Site Survey app for EtherScope™ nXG Portable Network Expert. With AirMapper, EtherScope nXG users can now quickly and easily gather location-based Wi-Fi measurements and create visual heat maps of key performance metrics in the Link-Live Cloud Service. Ideal for quick site surveys for new deployments, validating changes, and fast performance verification, NetAlly is the first to provide a complete site survey and wired/wireless analysis solution in a handheld instrument.

Leveraging EtherScope nXG’s custom analysis hardware, AirMapper enables Wi-Fi network professionals to easily conduct enterprise-grade site surveys that include critical performance metrics such as noise, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), data rates, interference and more, all without the use of any external device or complex site survey software.

“No laptop, no dongle, no tethered device – AirMapper provides our customers with the simplest solution for conducting fast and thorough site surveys,” says James Kahkoska, CTO at NetAlly. “Combined with its extensive arsenal of Ethernet and Wi-Fi analysis tools, the EtherScope has become the industry’s most comprehensive network validation and service assurance tool.”

The portability of the analyzer enables the user to quickly and easily measure key WLAN performance metrics in physical spaces – which is key to optimizing Wi-Fi networks – by taking the actual user experience of mobile devices into account. With the cloud-based Link-Live service creating powerful visualizations of the recorded data, centralized engineers can analyze test results from far-flung remote sites without travel and collaborate remotely to ensure Wi-Fi performance.

The app (by way of EtherScope nXG firmware update version 1.2) will be available in mid-April 2020 for download.

While the upgrade is available at no charge to all, customers with AllyCare (NetAlly’s premium service and support program) will get extended mapping functionality including critical Wi-Fi performance metrics, as well as web-based remote control of the instrument.

“This reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering additional value and capability to our AllyCare customers,” says Mike Parrottino, NetAlly CEO.

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