Mitzi Perdue Launches Win This Fight; an Organization to Aid in the Eradication of Human Trafficking

SALISBURY, Md., Feb. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Author, businesswoman, and philanthropist, Mitzi Perdue, has founded Win This Fight; an organization designed to help other anti-trafficking organizations meet two of their greatest needs: fundraising and awareness.

“We’ve interviewed nonprofits, legislative advocates, law enforcement and even a few brave survivors,” states Perdue. “The greatest common needs are funding and awareness. Win This Fight is designed to help with both.”

Perdue continues, “We help donors solve a problem. They may want to support anti-trafficking efforts, but they may not have extra cash available. We help them transform property into cash. Our donors are excited to donate items, including works of art, jewelry, or collectibles, to our auctions. One of the most important aspects of this is, the donor gets to pick the anti-human trafficking organization that receives the proceeds from the sale of their possession. They know that their donation will save lives, rather than sit unused or stored away.”

Win This Fight plans to raise money through a variety of fundraisers, an online auction, as well as a live auction set for 2021; an exclusive event to be held at New York City’s premier auction house Sotheby’s. It will target donations in the million-dollar range, aiming to sell items such as works of art, jewelry and sought out collectibles. Sotheby’s will waive commission fees for the cause, resulting in more funding for the anti-trafficking organizations that will be the beneficiaries.

“When a person is initially rescued, the first thirty days of effective recovery resources can run as high as $6,500,” states Cindy Tschosik, Chief Executive Officer for Win This Fight. “Every million dollars Win This Fight raises will provide the essential necessities including housing, clothing, food and even therapy for at least 150 victims. As 40 million people are affected by these heinous crimes, every penny counts,” Tschosik continues.

For more information, to donate or to volunteer for the cause, visit

Win This Fight was founded to support the existing organizations which have tirelessly dedicated years in the fight against human trafficking. Established in 2019, Win This Fight raises awareness through speaking events and blogs and hosts various fundraisers and commission-free auctions to provide funding. To get involved, donate or volunteer, visit or connect with Win This Fight on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

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