Frozen Food Express Announces Exclusive Partnership with FourKites to Enable End-to-End Cold Chain LTL Shipment Visibility

Comprehensive tracking and integration, powered by the #1 supply chain visibility network, provides superior customer service and on-time performance

CHICAGO, Feb. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FourKites, the global leader in predictive supply chain visibility solutions, today announced that it has been selected as the exclusive partner and supplier of visibility data for Frozen Food Express (FFE), the largest asset-based, temperature-controlled LTL carrier in the United States. As a member of the world’s largest network of shippers (380+) and their carrier and 3PL partners, FFE will take advantage of FourKites’ real-time predictive visibility data for its in-transit loads, and provide its customers with invaluable insights that improve traceability, efficiency and accuracy throughout its supply chain.

FourKites combines real-time LTL shipment information from electronic logging devices (ELDs) and trailer tracking, and pulls in LTL service center information, along with truck-specific traffic, weather, temperature and more than 150 additional data points to provide granular, real-time visibility throughout the lifetime of FFE’s active loads. By synthesizing all of these data points into one centralized dashboard, FFE is able to streamline communication between customer service and proactively manage service center disruptions, thereby delivering improved on-time performance, reduced dwell times and superior customer experience.

The unique partnership between FFE and FourKites enables both parties to jointly meet the expectations of mutual customers. By providing a custom, data-driven "digital twin" of their entire LTL network, FFE is able to differentiate its transportation services with smart-forecasted, predictive ETAs driven by cutting-edge machine learning techniques, which enable it to enhance the customer experience and prevent service center disruptions long before they occur.

FFE will also leverage FourKites’ Temperature Tracking solution to minimize spoilage throughout the lifetime of its temperature-controlled shipments. By automatically triggering an alert as soon as a load’s temperature falls outside a predefined range, FFE will be able to take early action to remedy potential temperature issues before jeopardizing safety or freshness, while reducing loss, food waste and ensuring FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) Compliance.

“We’re managing more than 400,000 active, temperature-controlled loads annually. To continue to be a trusted partner, we needed cutting-edge technology to help us better manage and measure our performance,” said Nick Cook, CIO and Vice President of Operations for Frozen Food Express. “FourKites enables us to identify and mitigate inefficient processes, unexpected delays, equipment failures and more as they occur. Now, we’re able to troubleshoot the loads that are predicted to be late, rather than focusing man-hours on shipments that we know will deliver on time.”

“LTL shippers around the world are adopting FourKites’ platform, and we are honored that FFE selected us to meet their unique challenges with hauling dual-temperature refrigerated loads,” said Craig Fiander, Senior Vice President, Global Business Development for FourKites. “End-to-end visibility has never been more important for carriers to stay one step ahead of the competition, and real-time temperature monitoring is a crucial piece of delivering superior customer service to the world’s largest shippers. The driving value is in keeping both sides on the same page for on-time performance criteria, reduced disputes and fines, and proactive transportation management.”

FFE also uses FourKites Insights, an advanced supply chain analytics product, to improve operational efficiency and oversight, as evidenced by their recent inclusion on FourKites' Premier Carrier List. The list showcases hundreds of carriers, brokers and 3PLs that have achieved the highest standards of visibility-related operational excellence, as demonstrated by their ability to provide high-quality, consistent, accurate data on the vast majority of their loads.

Five years ago, FourKites created the real-time visibility category, thereby enabling shippers to improve on-time delivery and orchestrate their supply chains based on actionable data and predictive intelligence. With a network that now includes more than 380 of the world’s top shippers, including 18 of the top-20 food and beverage companies and nine of the top-10 CPG companies, FourKites tracks more than 600,000 shipments every day.

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FourKites is the largest predictive supply chain visibility platform, delivering real-time visibility and predictive analytics for the broadest network of Global 1000 companies and third-party logistics firms. Using a proprietary algorithm to calculate shipment arrival times, FourKites enables customers to lower operating costs, improve on-time performance and strengthen end-customer relationships. With a network that spans millions of GPS/ELD devices, FourKites covers all modes, including truckload, LTL, ocean, rail, intermodal and parcel. The platform is optimized for mobile and equipped with market-leading end-to-end security.

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About FFE Transportation
FFE Transportation Services, Inc., based in Dallas, Texas, is the largest asset-based temperature-controlled carrier in the United States, with 18 service centers throughout the country providing cold storage and break-bulk services. Founded in 1946, FFE is the only U. S. temperature-controlled transportation services that offers LTL services throughout the continental United States.

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