Capital Market Laboratories (CMLviz) Interviews Talend (TLND) CEO and CFO – ‘The opportunity is massive, and we want to get it right’

Encino, California, UNITED STATES

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an interview with Capital Market Laboratories (CMLviz), chief executive officer of Talend SA (NASDAQ:TLND) Christal Bemont had a few clear messages: 

  • She aims to drive growth with a ‘well-oiled machine’ to turn things around.
  • The opportunity is massive, and she wants to get it right.
  • Cloud annual recurring revenue is the most important way to measure the company’s success and growth and was up 179% year-over-year.

In a far-ranging interview with Talend’s CEO and CFO we discussed the future of the business.

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