On a Mission to Protect Our Planet’s Water: Seventh Generation Launches New Personal Care Line

Seventh Generation Unveils New Body Wash and Deodorant Designed to Work like you Need it to, While Protecting our Most Precious Resource

BURLINGTON, Vt., Feb. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seventh Generation, a leading household and personal care products company and pioneer in the environmentally conscious products space, today announced the launch of Seventh Generation Not Just Body Wash™ & Seventh Generation Not Just Deodorant™, uniquely designed products on a mission to work like you need them too, and help protect our planet’s most precious resource – water.

This unique range of MADE SAFE® certified body washes and aluminum-free deodorants are not just made to help consumers stay clean and smelling fresh. The entire line is made with 100 percent Biodegradable, Water-Friendly Formulas®, designed to break down safely to reduce end of life impact and to help protect our waterways. Products are also packaged in post-consumer recycled plastic, including Ocean Bound Plastic. And, with every purchase, Seventh Generation will donate $0.25 per pack to Clean Water Action, a leading Washington D.C. based non-profit working to stop water pollution and to protect our nation’s drinking water.

“Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we take action to help preserve our planet. As a company that prioritizes the health of the next seven generations, we want to provide people with products that can help make a tangible difference without sacrificing efficacy. We’re as excited to bring these products designed to create positive change to market as we are to be partnering with an organization such as Clean Water Action to address the broader issue of water pollution,” said Joey Bergstein, CEO of Seventh Generation.

  • Seventh Generation Not Just Body Wash™:  Made with nourishing shea butter that helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture as it cleanses, this new body wash works like you need it to and is uniquely designed to help stop water pollution. Its packaging is made with 70 percent recycled OceanBound Plastic bottles to help remove ocean waste, and is free from parabens, dyes, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, animal testing or byproducts and formaldehyde.
  • Seventh Generation Not Just Deodorant™: This aluminum-free deodorant is as effective as it is uniquely designed to help stop water pollution. Packaged in 100 percent recyclable canisters made with 65 percent PCR plastic, it features a 5-ingredient odor control complex, including arrowroot powder, to deliver 24-hour odor control. As with any Seventh Generation product, there are no synthetic fragrances. Seventh Generation’s scents are made from 100 percent essential oils and botanical ingredients, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

“Too much of our water is still not safe for fishing, swimming and drinking -- we need more action to protect sources of drinking water. We're excited to partner with Seventh Generation to make progress on some of today’s most pressing water challenges. The company's growing market reach and role as a sustainability business leader, its aggressive commitments to reduce water and climate impacts, and its achievement of Made Safe certification for the new personal care products line add power and credibility to our work together," said Bob Wendelgass, Clean Water Action's President and CEO.

Now, we can start our morning routines like the planet depends on it. Both Not Just Deodorant™ and Not Just Body Wash™ are available at national retailers, including Walmart, and online. For more information on Seventh Generation’s mission and what you can do to help our water supply please visit http://www.seventhgeneration.com/cleanwateraction.

About Seventh Generation

For more than 30 years, it’s been Seventh Generation’s mission to help you protect your world with our environmentally conscious and effective household products. Our products are solutions for the air, surfaces, fabrics, pets and people within your home -- and for the community and environment outside of it. Seventh Generation offers a full line of laundry, dish and household cleaners, baby products including Free & Clear diapers, training pants and baby wipes, plus recycled paper products and recycled plastic trash bags, personal care products such as deodorant and body wash and period care products including Organic certified tampons. The company derives its name from the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy that states, "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." For information on Seventh Generation cleaning, paper, baby and feminine personal care products, to find store locations, and explore the company's website visit www.seventhgeneration.com.

About Clean Water Action

Founded in 1972, Clean Water Action is one of the nation’s leading non-profits, bringing people together to win strong health and environmental protections, focused on our water. Despite decades of cleanup progress, significant water quality challenges remain for many lakes, rivers, bays, and other vital water resources, including risks today of rollbacks that could undermine some of our most effective clean water protections. Clean Water Action’s programs raise awareness of threats to our water -- including sources of the water we drink – and organize grassroots campaigns to restore our nation’s historic commitment to protecting clean water, now and for the future. Together with Seventh Generation, we’ll make progress advancing our shared values and common goals of “fishable, swimmable, drinkable water for all.”  Learn more at www.cleanwateraction.org.


MADE SAFE®: A human-health and ecosystem focused third-party, scientific certification program that screens for known toxic chemicals in common household products. MADE SAFE uniquely employs an ecosystem evaluation approach ensuring that products do not contain known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, reproductive toxins, neurotoxins, behavioral toxins. Additionally, the program evaluates for bioaccumulation, persistence, and environmental, terrestrial, and aquatic toxicity. MADE SAFE is a subsidiary of Nontoxic Certified, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on ingredient solutions. The MADE SAFE certification makes it easy for consumers to identify products made without chemicals known or suspected to be harmful. All of Seventh Generation’s new personal care products are MADE SAFE® certified. Learn more at www.madesafe.org

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