The Top 5 EHR Functions For Value-Based Contract Success: Results Of The 2019 National Survey From Credible Behavioral Health Software & OPEN MINDS

Gettysburg, Pa, Feb. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OPEN MINDS and Credible Behavioral Health Software recently released the full findings of their original annual survey, the 2019 National Behavioral Health Electronic Health Record (EHR) Survey, on the use of EHR systems for strategic advantage. These results are exclusively available in a new white paper titled, Beyond The Core 4: What You Need To Be Ready For A Value-Based World. The 2019 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey focused on understanding how organizations purchasing and implementation decisions, as well as functionalities needed to compete in the evolving health and human services field. The survey also uncovered updated trends on how many provider organizations have purchased an EHR, their progress toward fully implementing their EHR, functionality that they have or are planning to implement, and aspects related to length of time to implement and barriers to purchasing an EHR.

These exclusive survey results are only available on the EHR Best Practices Community website. The white paper and survey results are provided free of charge courtesy of Credible Behavioral Health Software. The results found that the top 5 functionalities identified as implemented or planning to be implemented that are necessary for organizations to survive value-based care include:

  1. Data mining/business intelligence
  2. Mobile capabilities
  3. Consumer portals
  4. Social determinants of health data collection and analysis
  5. Telehealth

These 5 functionalities prove critical in order to provide high-quality care and services. Additional findings uncovered purchasing decisions and considerations, as well as current and planned functionalities for implementation. To download this white paper, Beyond The Core 4: What You Need To Be Ready For A Value-Based World, available free courtesy of Credible Behavioral Health Software, and learn more about the future of EHR systems in health and human services, visit:

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