Azul Systems Launches High-Speed Checkpoint/Restore For Embedded Java Applications

New Capability Shortens Application Start-Up Times For Enhanced Zulu Embedded Builds of OpenJDK

EMBEDDED WORLD, Nuremberg and SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Azul Systems (Azul), the leader in Java runtime solutions, today announced the general availability of Checkpoint/Restore “C/R” functionality for Zulu Embedded builds of OpenJDK. Observed start time improvement with C/R ranges from up to 30% on the low end to over 10X faster at the high end, delivering startup times that meet even the toughest service levels. 

C/R for Zulu Embedded is available at launch for the following processor architectures:

  • 32-bit Arm® processors with soft floating point
  • 32-bit Arm processors with hardware-enabled floating point
  • 64-bit Arm processors

“Checkpoint/Restore is a powerful new technology that helps our customers deliver great startup performance using cost-effective and highly-efficient Arm devices,” said Gil Tene, Azul Systems co-founder and CTO. “In many device types, seconds and even milliseconds can matter at startup. Zulu Embedded with Checkpoint/Restore can provide a winning advantage to embedded project teams challenged by tough SLAs.”


Zulu Embedded C/R Feature Benefits for Embedded Java Developers and OEMs
100% open source builds of OpenJDK that are tested and certified by Azul Compatible and compliant with all Java SE 8 standards
Based upon Zulu Embedded builds of OpenJDK Proven platform with millions of instances deployed worldwide 
Startup time improvement ranges from up to 30% at the low end to over 10X at the high end Greatly-improved customer satisfaction
Support for Java SE 8  Developers can take full advantage of the most widely-deployed version of Java
Runs on 32 and 64-bit Arm processors Energy-efficient and extremely cost-effective processors for consumer-facing embedded designs 
Easy to implement, use in production is completely transparent Applications start up faster and reach full performance more quickly than the same app using other proprietary or open source Java distributions
Commercial Support from Azul Access to timely bug fixes, IP protection and quarterly Java security updates direct from Azul
32- and 64-bit x86 processors on roadmap Extending C/R benefits to higher-performance server-class processors for edge computing and other demanding use cases

 Table 1: Key features and benefits of Zulu Embedded with Checkpoint/Restore

All Zulu Embedded subscriptions include timely Java security updates and bugfixes as well as access to Azul’s globally-distributed Technical Support Services organization. All Zulu Embedded builds of OpenJDK comply with appropriate Java SE specifications and are verified by Azul Systems using the OpenJDK Technology Compatibility Kit, a suite of over 100,000 unit tests for Java 8 alone.

Evaluation builds of Zulu Embedded with the C/R feature set are also available from Azul Systems for 32- and 64-bit x86 processors. C/R-based Zulu Embedded development kits and runtimes are fully compatible with the Java SE 8 standard and run on the Linux operating system. For additional information visit

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