French-Austrian Collaboration on Fighting Cryptocurrency-Enabled and Financial Crime


Fintech NIGMA Conseil and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology are strengthening their collaboration on blockchain forensics

Paris, France / Vienna, Austria –The FrenchBlockchain security company NIGMA Conseil and the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology — the largest and government-owned  research and technology organization in Austria — have signed  an agreement to strengthen their collaboration in the fight against cryptocurrency and financial crime. NIGMA and AIT have been working together for several months to enhance the e-NIGMA platform’s blockchain analytics and anti-money-laundering (AML) capacities, building on AIT’s open source cryptocurrency forensics platform GraphSense.

e-NIGMA is an exhaustive blockchain forensics tool for know your customer (KYC)/AML compliance, transaction monitoring and due diligence investigations serving businesses exposed to digital assets as well as banks and government agencies.

Fabien Tabarly, CEO of NIGMA Conseil: “The synergy between a leading European academic research institute and our team of developers has been instrumental in implementing the most innovative tools to fight financial crime in virtual currencies.”

About NIGMA Consulting

NIGMA Conseil is a fintech startup based in France with the mission to propose and implement tailored solutions in the fields of business investigations and blockchain forensics. NIGMA has developed an exhaustive and affordable compliance platform for this purpose, called e-NIGMA. Some of e-NIGMA capabilities are:

  • Risk scoring
  • Wallet clustering & Entity tagging of millions of addresses (exchanges, mixers, darknet marketplaces, terrorism, scams, hacks…)
  • Identification of real-life entities through clear and Dark Web scraping & OSINT
  • Monitoring of transactions with customizable Alerts
  • Downloadable Suspicious Activity Reports
  • Data visualization & customizable graphs
  • Due Diligence investigations
  • Regulation and compliance live news feed
  • Tailored API integration

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About AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

As a leading European technological innovation node, the AIT regards itself as a highly specialised research and development partner for industry. AIT's research activities into virtual currencies and blockchain technology are concentrated in the Data Science research group at the Center for Digital Safety & Security. An interdisciplinary team is focusing on gaining new insights from large data volumes by using quantitative methods and techniques on scalable data processing and analysis infrastructures. They cover the entire data lifecycle, from initial problem formulation to data collection, analysis, visualization and publication through to secure long-term storage and reproducibility. The AIT-led TITANIUM program for the Investigation of Transactions in Underground Markets has received a €5 million H2020 funding from the European Union to mitigate cryptocurrency crime. AIT’s GraphSense algorithmic solution for the real-time analysis of virtual currency transactions is used by NIGMA to track suspicious transaction activities.

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The e-NIGMA SaaS platform; an AML/CFT regulatory solution for the VASP and BANKING industry.