mesh conference announces Canadian digital transformation event April 27-28

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

CALGARY, Alberta, Feb. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The mesh conference is back. Taking place April 27-28 at TELUS Spark in Calgary — the conference's new host city — mesh is a national event series focused on digital transformation (aka DX).

Founded in 2005, today the mesh conference is a national event series focused on digital transformation. Its mission is to create a digital transformation network and event experience that helps organizations and leaders not only determine what to do throughout their digital transformation, but how to do it — and how to succeed at it.

Digital transformation is driving a re-imagining of work, society, communications, culture and more. It’s creating new — and changing existing — processes throughout our lives. Everyone brings a different perspective on DX to the table and the mesh conference's goal is to bring those perspectives together.

“We know that 70 percent of transformations are unsuccessful. Our mission with mesh is to create a digital transformation network and event experience that helps organizations and leaders be successful as they move through their DX journey,” says Sheri Moore, co-founder of the mesh conference. “After all, success involves more than IT and business leadership — it’s about people, culture, creativity and a reimagining of the way we live, how and where we work, and how we collaborate. That’s always been core to the mesh experience.”

The mesh agenda

Day one of mesh will start with mind-blowing speakers selected for their inspirational, world-changing ideas. Living up to the hype, the mesh conference announced its first keynote for this year's event is an AI robot.

Day two will focus on practical workshops so attendees can connect with like-minded peers and leave the event empowered to tackle digital transformation when they get back to work. Topics covered will include what makes a great DX leader, re-skilling for digital, smart cities, digital cartels, democracy in the digital era, automation, un-siloing data, 5G, AI, robotics, cybersecurity and more.

Not just a technology or business conference

Culture, society, and human experience are as much a focus as the “digital” side of transformation. “The skills and technologies underneath DX are 'the great leveler' — they’re accessible to any person, business or community,” explains Alison Pidskalny, a strategist and member of the mesh conference's host advisory committee . “It’s the opportunity for inclusion that gets me most excited for the future workplace in the digital future.”

mesh is the only digital transformation event that brings people from multiple industries from across the country for an event experience that touches on more than the boardroom or IT stack. Attendees will cross-pollinate ideas and find inspiration from people they don’t typically connect with — creatives, public sector employees, technologists, developers, business strategists and more. mesh believes in “meshing” people together to create unexpected, positive and transformative outcomes.

“It can be difficult for folks to understand the impact of digital transformation, just like how we didn’t imagine cameras on our cell phones,” says Colleen Pound, CEO of Pound Global and a member of mesh's host advisory committee in Calgary. “In consulting, our job is to stimulate the imagination and creativity to solve strategy business problems, and leverage technology in a way that revolutionizes the way we behave and interact. An increased acuity on problem definition, and an understanding of the human element of digital transformation will be key in differentiating those who will win in the new economy.”

While technology touches everything, mesh's focus is people-first.

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