Wilsonart Captures the Diversity of Community in New Localism Collection

Virtual Design Library Collection Celebrates Artisan Craftsmanship

TEMPLE, Texas, Feb. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Beyond the familiar combination of geography and populace, the term ‘community’ can also be defined as a common thread that unites both similar and diverse people. Community has the potential to transcend differences and encourage a collaboration towards common goals or the greater good. Wilsonart, through its Virtual Design Library (VDL) of boutique print-on-demand patterns, will bring designers quarterly collections of curated designs that capture powerful expressions of community.

The first collection of the year, Localism, beautifully explores cross-generational designs that are relatable and inspired by the very fabric of our communities. This diverse palette of fun, imaginative patterns is key to articulating design for the convergence of cultures in today’s inclusive spaces. A celebration of local craftsmanship, familiar environments and an appreciation for diverse design styles, Localism taps into the natural beauty and strong bonds found among common ground. 

“With Localism, Wilsonart has brought a level of depth typically reserved for fabrics, ceramics and wallcoverings to the laminate product category,” noted Natalia Smith, Wilsonart Design Manager. “For example, these artisan patterns are perfect for crafting hospitality settings with unique moments of delight that are steeped in local flavor. When refreshing highly trafficked retail settings, Localism’s metal and wood looks provide an intriguing backdrop for experiences that will resonate both with residents and with individuals who are just passing through.”

Favorites from the Localism Collection include Artisan Find, a one-of-a-kind hand-thrown pottery pattern, which adds an inviting aesthetic to transitional spaces, such as lobbies and corridors. Ceramic Blue beautifully brands settings such as busy student commons. Natural Incised is ideal for creating comforting environments in healthcare settings or spas. More rustic and fun finishes like Stapled Notice can be used for lighthearted “edutainment” areas; a popular hybrid environment that blends education and entertainment design elements. Grateful Dyed is ideal for “infotainment” spaces such as exhibits and museums, or as an accent wall for that diehard Grateful Dead fan.

Thoughtfully enhanced through visual and tactile variations like matte and silky smooth, to soft grain and rustic, texture is never an afterthought with Wilsonart surfaces. See how well the new Localism Collection fits into numerous applications: 

Ceramic Blue is a large-scale abstract in a deep rich blue that has the feel of thrown pottery. Antique Finish | Y0745K-22

Artisan Find is a large-scale ombre design that transitions from off white to a deep rich blue. It has the feel of thrown pottery. Antique Finish | Y0746K-22

City Metal is a large-scale dark abstract that gives the appearance of forged metal. Antique Finish | Y0747K-22

Stapled Notice is a medium-scale abstract pattern inspired by the unique look of staples on a telephone pole. Gloss Line Texture | Y0748K-28

Grateful Dyed is a large traditional tie-dye design with multiple spirals. Matte Finish | Y0749-60

Graffiti Park is a large-scale graffiti design of multicolored spray paints on a painted brick background. Matte Finish | Y0751-60

Taupe Incised is a medium-scale makore woodgrain with a tread-like incised overlay. SoftGrain Finish | Y0752K-12

Natural Incised is a medium-scale raw woodgrain with a tread-like incised overlay. SoftGrain Finish | Y0753K-12

Wire Mesh is a medium-scale design of linear grays and black inspired by textured wire. Gloss Line Texture | Y0754K-28

Backyard Patio is a medium-scale design that has the look of smooth cement. Fine Grain Textured Finish | Y0755-38

Texas Mesquite is a large planked unfinished woodgrain that has the features of a handcrafted table. SoftGrain Finish | Y0756K-12

South Devon is a large-scale distressed pattern inspired by worn leather. Antique Finish | Y0757K-22

Flagstaff Lodge is a two-inch planked white wood, with rustic features such as nail and worm holes found among the planks. Casual Rustic Texture | Y0758K-16

Edge Grain is a micro planked woodgrain in multiple shades of gray with colored accents throughout. SoftGrain Finish | Y0759K-12

Five designs from the current Library are also reintroduced and coordinate with Edge Grain to complete the Localism Collection. Corrugated and Plymouth Planked Chestnut feature a rich visual texture that are perfect for countertops, shelves, architectural doors and more. Aged Port, Iced Mint and Wheat Berry, with their sophisticated layered designs and graphic crossweave patterns, make accent walls an inviting focal point.

For designers ready to embrace the convergent and simplistic beauty that Localism in design offers, visit www.wilsonart.com to see full sheet views or visualize them in a new space.

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