LocatorX Launches LXConnect™ Platform to Monitor Product Location Throughout its Lifecycle

Monitors a product’s location, journey, and change of ownership—updated to every stakeholder in the supply chain

ATLANTA, Feb. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LocatorX, which provides accurate, inexpensive, and flexible tracking technology to companies across a variety of industries, today announced the launch of its LXConnect™ platform, the primary portal into the LocatorX product suite for product scan, movement, authentication and location information.

LXConnect creates a “digital birth certificate” when a product is manufactured, followed by constant monitoring of a product’s location, journey, and change of ownership—updated to every stakeholder in the product’s lifecycle—including the customer. For retailers, LXConnect provides automated, real-time inventory management as well as engagement with customers. For consumers, LXConnect provides the history, origin and authenticity of products purchased, giving them peace of mind against counterfeiting or damage from any unknown disruptions throughout the customer journey.

“Our mission is to help our customers trust, track and find the most important things in their lives,” said Scott Fletcher, President and CEO, LocatorX. “LXConnect is designed to provide visibility as to where a product has been, who has touched it, and what ‘events’ it might have had—damage, diversions, shrinkage, temperature fluctuations, etc.—throughout its lifecycle.”

After the product is manufactured and the digital birth certificate is created, LXConnect leverages three unique elements to authenticate and track:

  • Product Certificate Authority™– Enables companies to enroll and provide the proprietary information necessary within a Certified QR Code to authenticate the legitimacy of their products. This certification ensures that logistics and supply chain partners are shipping, receiving and delivering authentic products in whatever form they’re shipped.
  • Certified Event Log – Blockchain-enabled technology that captures and tracks the events of a product’s life - based on business rules created by retailers/manufacturers—what events are captured, and what constitutes an “event.” Manages secure communication to labels, tags, wearables, IoT devices, equipment and products, providing an array of secure APIs and other integration points to existing inventory or tracking infrastructure.

  • Certified Security Module – Uses centralized API libraries to enable interaction with both customers and their stakeholders within their supply chain (warehouse management, manufacturing production, transportation management, etc.)

In addition, LXConnect uses smart labels— Certified QR Codes printed on labels or embedded in product labels with certified chips—to enable the digital view of a product.  These smart labels also provide a launching point to Connect Pages, a live, real-time consumer experience that collects valuable engagement data for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

LocatorX technology enables brands and consumers to access an item’s current location and audit trail from its origin, protecting against theft, counterfeiting, and product diversion while increasing consumer engagement with manufacturers.

For more information, visit https://www.locatorx.com


Will Haraway
Lead Coverage