Introducing the Revolutionary WaveLife Energy Cell: An Innovative and All-Natural Way to Relieve Chronic Pain, Made Possible through Major Scientific Breakthroughs and Over Thirty Years of Clinical Studies

Reduce Pain in a Safe, Natural, Non-Chemical, and Non-Invasive Way with WaveLife’s Groundbreaking, Patented Technology.

Los Angeles, CA, Feb. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WaveLife Energy Cell announcement: This revolutionary pain management product has officially been released to the public after decades of clinical research and development. The WaveLife Energy Cell is an all-new, wearable, and all-natural application for reducing chronic pain and improving quality of life.

This groundbreaking technology will change the way many of today’s pain sufferers live their lives, as this is the first time in history that this safe and effective pain management method  is available globally to consumers.

The WaveLife Energy Cell uses an advanced form of frequency therapy, after extensive clinical studies have shown that this alternative method of pain management produces incredible pain-reducing results. 

WaveLife’s Energy Cell is made possible by recent scientific breakthroughs, a patented EMF material that can retain and emit Vital Fields, and a composite cell material that stores the Vital Field therapy in a wearable, silicone patch that you place on your body with a non-irritating adhesive material.

The Energy Cell is made possible by virtue of of over thirty years of research and development conducted by over 2,800 clinics in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria - with several clinical and lab studies.

About Vital Field Therapy for Pain Management

Vital Field Therapy is a form of frequency therapy which is the practice of introducing a subtle  electromagnetic field into an area of damaged tissue where an injury or strain took place, and where one is experiencing pain. Vital Field  therapy is a non-invasive, non-chemical, and all-natural therapy for pain sufferers. 

The Energy Cell influences cell activity in the body once it is placed on the skin. It enhances cell communication, expedites cell regeneration, and therefore naturally heals the pain you’re experiencing. Vital Field  therapy is stored within the wearable Energy Cell, which is simply placed on the part of your body where you’re experiencing pain. It can be worn 24 hours per day, even in the shower or bathtub.


No More Painkillers

Aside from the obvious drawbacks of prescription painkillers which include dependency and possible addiction, there are many other benefits of trading painkillers for a more natural method of pain management.

Many of today’s prescription pain medications come with a long list of unwanted side effects. Some of these side effects will have a negative impact on your mental health, your productivity, and your overall energy level. For this reason, most people would happily stop taking their prescribed pain medication, if they could find an alternative pain management method.

WaveLife’s Energy Cell could be your answer. The Energy Cell contains a patented composite material developed by a team of renowned scientists in Austria that can charge and retain electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). The Energy Cell can help you manage your pain safely and naturally, in a non-invasive and non-chemical manner. Zero negative side effects have been reported by users.

The Energy Cell’s patented EMF material is designed to store and emit Vital Fields (an advanced form of frequency therapy for pain management) for at least six months. This means that you can wear your Cell every day for up to six months, before needing a replacement. Therefore, not only is this pain management method safe and all-natural, but it’s also cost-effective.


WaveLife Energy Cell is Used to Treat Chronic Pain in Professional Athletes

Franz Klammer, former world champion alpine ski racer with 25 World Cup wins, uses the WaveLife Energy Cell for his knee injury. He sustained this injury from professional sports, and it affected his quality of life greatly. Klammer stated in an interview, “I was introduced to the Energy Cell, I put it on, and within hours I had relief.” This former pro-athlete says that while before he could hardly walk due to knee pain, his knee now no longer bothers him. 

Markus Prock, a three-time Winter Olympics winner and ten-time Luge World Cup winner, has struggled with pain in his Achilles tendon ever since he retired from professional sports. For Prock, sometimes the pain was unbearable. Someone recommended the WaveLife Energy Cell for his pain. Of the product, Prock said, “It completely blew my mind. It was like a miracle; the Energy Cell made the pain disappear. I can even go for a run with my daughter again! You can’t imagine how much better my quality of life is now.”

The Energy Cell Can Reduce  Any Type of Chronic Pain

It’s not just professional athletes or those with sports injuries who can benefit from the Energy Cell’s groundbreaking, patented technology. Anyone with arthritic  pain, chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, or anyone with trauma-related pain can benefit from the WaveLife Energy Cell.

WaveLife applications are not designed to replace or compete with traditional medicine or conventional treatment methods. They are intended to provide an alternative option  to pain and health management, when conventional methods fail to provide significant results on their own.

With zero negative side effects documented  and over 80% reported satisfaction from customers who had pain when they used WaveLife applications, WaveLife is confident in offering a full money-back guarantee if the product does not work for you.

WaveLife looks forward to helping anyone experiencing pain reduce their discomfort and live less restricted, more fulfilled, and less pain-filled lives.

If nothing has worked for you so far, and you live with debilitating pain, give WaveLife applications a try.


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WaveLife Energy Cell - How does it work?
The Energy Cell is based on over thirty years of research and development in co-operation with over 2,800 clinics in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. WAVELIFE  introduces the Energy Cell.
A revolutionary method to reduce pain.  Made possible by major scientific breakthroughs, the energy cell can support a less pain-filled life, the natural and safe way.

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