Pantheon’s Advanced Global CDN to Further Enterprise Open Source Adoption

WebOps platform expands partnership with Fastly adding advanced edge cloud platform security and customizations

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a bid to bring open source to the enterprise and enable customers to scale on its platform, is announcing the release of Advanced Global CDN.  Advanced Global CDN adds powerful edge customizations to Pantheon’s WebOps platform, enabling iterative migrations, brand and intellectual property control, and state-of-the-art edge security to companies of all sizes. Pantheon enterprise customers include Google, Lyft, MGM, Stitch Fix, and DocuSign. Advanced Global CDN is the result of an expanded partnership with Fastly, Inc. (NYSE: FSLY) to increase leverage of the edge cloud platform’s modern network.

"Brands today are realizing how critical it is to engage with end users in the way they prefer to interact in a digital world," says Emily Friedberg, Group Vice President of Channel Partnerships and Overlay Sales at Fastly. "The network's edge is the best place to do that, and our platform is designed to give customers the programmability and control they need to deliver end user experiences that are fast, reliable, and secure. We're thrilled that Pantheon chose Fastly as a partner to fuel its Advanced Global CDN, which combines our capabilities to provide value for companies worldwide."

The recent acceleration in enterprise adoption of open source CMS is due largely to platforms like Pantheon that de-risk it with add-on features that include disaster recovery, automated backups, and automated workflows. Another major driver of open source enterprise adoption has been a growing number of companies realizing the cost and burden inherent in maintaining a custom-built CMS, including non-standard deployments and costly ongoing maintenance.

SendGrid (now part of Twilio), which drove most of its business through their website, is one such example. “If something went wrong with deploying a feature or changing content, a fix could take hours or days - now we do dev and testing in parallel—it’s such a natural workflow and eliminates risk to the live site,” said Katrina Lindholm, former VP of UI/UX.

With Advanced Global CDN, teams can individually manage multiple sites without the use of complicated subdomains. Advanced Global CDN enables teams to iteratively test and launch web updates on a rolling basis, switching over traffic to new or experimental pages on a fine grain level and enabling Agile marketing experimentation and WebOps.

With a host of next-generation security features, Advanced Global CDN enables enterprises to handle web requests and security threats at the stack edge. The web application firewall (WAF) provided by Fastly allows sites to stay on message by inspecting each web request and rapidly applying rules to ensure site integrity.

Brands can calibrate control over customer experience, messaging and intellectual property with image optimization and protection features including location-based blocking and redirection, a customizable WAF, IP blacklisting, and edge logging – all powered by Fastly.

Pantheon will continue to provide its Global CDN to all customers free of charge. By utilizing Fastly’s globally distributed points of presence, Global CDN enables companies to deliver rich web experiences with extraordinary speed through image optimization and edge page caching.

Pantheon Advanced Global CDN is available worldwide starting today as an add-on service to companies looking to empower teams to manage their own sites, enable iterative updating, calibrate control over their brand and implement enterprise-grade security.

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