New Board Officers and Directors appointed as the G&E Industry looks to sharpen its focus at the IAGC 49th Annual Conference

The Conference brought nearly 300 G&E industry leaders and professionals from around the world.

Houston, TX, Feb. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The IAGC successfully concluded its 49th Annual Conference in Houston, TX on February 26, 2020 where members elected new directors and officers at the trade association’s annual general membership meeting.  Magne Reiersgard (PGS) continues as the IAGC Board Chairman for the final year of his two-year term with Colin Murdoch (CGG) continuing as the Vice-Chairman and Maurice Nessim (WesternGeco) continuing as Past Chairman.  Rebecca Pitman (Shearwater) - Treasurer, Tana Pool (TGS) - Secretary & Legal Committee Chair, and Nikki Martin (IAGC), President also continue as officers.

Joining the officers are newly elected directors for two-year terms from February 2020 to February 2022:  Huasheng Zheng (BGP), Chris Usher (ION), Irene Waage Basili (Shearwater), Maurice Nessim (WesternGeco), and Shawn Rice (MagseisFairfield) - Americas Chair. 

The entire slate of directors is as follows: Huasheng Zheng (BGP International), Colin Murdoch (CGG), Joe Dryer (Fairfield Geotechnologies), Chris Usher (ION), Carel Hooijkaas (Magseis Fairfield), Magne Reiersgard (PGS), Richard Price (Polarcus), Stephan Midenet (Seabed Geosolutions), Irene Waage Basili (Shearwater), Katja Akentieva (TGS), Maurice Nessim (WesternGeco), Peter Wijnen (PGS) - EAME Chair, Shawn Rice (Magseis Fairfield) - Americas Chair, Tristan Allen (WesternGeco) - Asia Pacific Chair, Vince Thielen (CGG) – Data Licensing Chair, and Dmitry Nefedov (ION) – HSE Chair.

 “We are pleased to welcome all our board members and officers.  As the IAGC sharpens its focus on accelerating exploration and expanding energy opportunities to meet the global energy demand, the insight and direction of these board members will have a meaningful impact on the industry and our association. The staff and I look forward to working closely with them,” said Nikki Martin, President of the IAGC. “Our officers will play a key role as the IAGC continues executing its mission of ensuring a viable geophysical and exploration industry now and in the decades the come. They truly epitomize the theme of this year’s conference, providing 20/20 vision for energy, shaping the G&E industry for this decade and many more to come.  We are very grateful for their companies’ and individual support.”

The general membership meeting was held at the Annual Conference on 26 February in Houston, TX along with other meetings held during the week.  This year’s sessions focused on the conference theme “20/20 Vision for Energy:  Shaping the G& E Industry for the New Decade” outlining a clear vision for moving the G&E industry forward and continuing to build the path of sustainability and efficacy for this decade and those to come.

Nearly 300 attendees participated in the only conference in the world where the leading C-suite and G&E industry professionals convene to exchange ideas and best practices for the industry.  With advanced programming and networking events on G&E industry matters, the IAGC 49th Annual Conference featured customized, exclusive opportunities for professionals, including hearing from prominent industry leaders on key global issues.

The conference featured Honorable Karl Rove, former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush coordinating the White House policy-making process. He discussed the 2020 U.S. Presidential election outlook and its potential impact on domestic energy policy as well as the global energy landscape.

Other distinguished speakers included Dr. Scott Tinker of the University of Texas at Austin and Dr. Michelle Michot Foss of the Baker Institute of Rice University. During the “Considerations in the Energy Transition” session, Drs. Tinker and Michot Foss delved into the role of oil and gas in the energy transition and potential unintentional consequences of making a swift transition without counting all the costs of other energy sources.  Michael Faust, Director of Exploration at BHP also joined the session, providing insight from a company perspective.

Verner Ayukegba, Senior Vice President for International Policy at African Energy Chamber discussed the evolution of successful regulatory frameworks of African nations that promote investment.  He also highlighted the need for African nations to have the opportunity to utilize the same resources that advanced nations have used for decades in order to advance while still supporting climate goals but on their own terms.  

This year’s Exploration Executive Outlook Panel featured Kevin McLachlan, Senior Vice President Exploration – Total; Bjørn Inge Braathen, Senior Vice President Exploration, North America – Equinor; Martin Stauble, Vice President Exploration, North America & Brazil – Shell; and Mike Cousins, Senior Vice President, Exploration and New Ventures – ExxonMobil.  These executives shared industry priorities and goals of their respective companies for the next decade.  They also shared how their companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) to become even more safe and efficient.

Andrew McConville, Chief Executive and the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association were the recipients of the annual President’s Excellence Award.  Each year at the Annual Conference, the IAGC presents this award in recognition of individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions in support of our association and the geophysical and exploration industry.

“Our 2020 Annual Conference was the best one yet, providing engaging and stimulating discussion and solutions to important G&E challenges.  Our speakers explored key aspects of the industry and what we should be implementing now to ensure long-term viability, bring awareness to our critical role and enhance and protect our reputation in providing critical energy resources to the world for the years to come. We are so proud to have hosted this stellar group of speakers and sponsors from around the world to focus on these key issues,” added Nikki Martin.


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IAGC President, Nikki Martin addresses nearly 300 attendees at the IAGC 49th Annual Conference, "20/20 Vision for Energy:  Shaping the G&E Industry for the New Decade"
(photo:  Tyler Fewox) The conference featured the Honorable Karl Rove, former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush discussing the 2020 U.S. Presidential election outlook and its potential impact on domestic energy policy and the global energy landscape. 
(photo:  Tyler Fewox)

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