Encore Green Environmental Poised to Fulfill EPA’s Water Reuse Plan

New Methodology Holds the Key to Safety

Cheyenne, Wyoming, UNITED STATES

CHEYENNE, Wyo., March 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Encore Green Environmental (the Company) applauds the Environmental Protection Agency’s newly announced plan to reuse industrial produced water, but calls for a clear plan for water safety. A leader in this sector, created their patent-pending Conservation By-Design™ method to safely test, treat and land-apply produced water from an oil well. CBD allows the company to clean produced water to match the surrounding soil.

“We have to make sure that the water is safe and the public has access to know the water’s makeup going out onto the land,” said Company co-founder Marvin Nash. “Our method was designed to fulfill the needs of both the energy community, to keep drilling, and the needs of the environmental community, to protect the land. We are the only people standing in the middle, trying to join hands with a go-forward solution.”

Oil wells typically produce three to six barrels of water to every barrel of oil. In places such as the Permian Basin of New Mexico and Texas, this amounts to billions of barrels of produced water per year. Without a safe way to dispose of this water, drilling will need to cease.

Encore Green Environmental has been granted the first-ever permit in Wyoming from the state’s Department of Environmental Quality to clean oilfield water and apply that water to the surrounding land, which increases vegetation. Increased vegetation will sequester more carbon dioxide, which will improve air quality.

“This solves more than just the problem of too much produced water,” Nash said. “With this method, the arid West can have a new source of clean water that’s publicly available. This will create a total ecological solution.”

For more information on Conservation By-Design™, visit: EncoreGreenEnvironmental.com/cbd

Jeff Holder