Amid Global Tourism Stall, Virtual Site Visits and Familiarization Meetings Soar with TrueTour™ 360°/3D Virtual Technology

Despite lockdowns, closures and quarantines around the world, the global tourism industry is leveraging immersive sales technology to weather the storm. Using new 360°/3D site visit technology to perform digital walk-throughs, plan future events at a distance and increase bookings, the safety of corporate planners, travel buyers and employees are kept as a top priority while saving the bottom line.

Portland, Oregon, USA, March 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With lockdowns in China, Iran, Italy and other countries around the world, media outlets and medical experts are speculating where the next shutdowns will occur and for how long travel standstills will continue. Business and leisure travelers, fearful of contagion of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), are postponing travel and avoiding high-traffic destinations. Conferences are being postponed or cancelled, leaving enormous revenue gaps which the industry will need to creatively fill.

Visiting Media's TrueTour™ sales tool, the first-to-market immersive sales platform for the hospitality industry, empowers properties with unmatched top-to-bottom 360°, 3D and virtual reality presentation, delivery and tracking capabilities. With TrueTour, properties can continue to upsell their luxury rooms & suites, showcase their event spaces and communicate with customers at a distance through the power of a state-of-the-art virtual toolbelt. 

Virtually performing walk-throughs and site tours at a distance provides a safer way to plan events and future travel. TrueTour provides companies a way to create true-to-life connections with prospects unable to meet in person ahead of events, experiencing spaces without ever leaving their home or office.

As many properties shed costs in fear, TrueTour helps hotels maintain a market advantage by increasing average booking speeds, upsell rates and incremental revenue. Since meetings and vacations are traditionally planned months or years in advance, companies can prepare for normalization, recover much faster than competitors and stay ahead longer.

Ben Powers, VP of Sales, Hotel & Resort Division for Visiting Media, is thrilled to provide solutions for companies leveraging TrueTour at a distance. “We’ve seen powerful results with properties already using TrueTour technology as they continue to book rooms and events despite travel being halted around the world. With the success seen so far with our current customers, it’s going to be extremely rewarding to help properties new to TrueTour remain more competitive and weather this downturn.”

Visiting Media’s global content creator network allows new customers to be up and running with TrueTour within a matter of weeks, fully loaded with immersive visuals of their property in true-to-life 360°/3D and virtual reality. Since Visiting Media leverages technicians across the Americas, Asia, Europe and beyond, Visiting Media can create virtual content for new customers with ease, versus other companies who rely on the deployment of technicians from their headquarters.

One thing is for certain -- despite what everyone hopes is a swift recovery from the effects of the novel coronavirus, consumer’s travel confidence has been affected this year. With the use of true-to-life virtual technology, rapidly-deployed innovations will soften the blow to the bottom line and pay long lasting dividends over the months to come.

About Visiting Media: Visiting Media is a technology and immersive content production company dedicated to delivering the world’s best visual selling tools to inspire, describe, promote and convey our customers’ spaces as early as possible in the buying cycle.  We build innovative and powerful, yet simple solutions that deliver both traditional and immersive (360°, 3D, virtual reality) content and focus on making selling easier, pragmatic and more joyful. Our products immediately increase conversions, selling speed, sales team efficiency and actionable data collection. (



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