Virtue Face Its Strongest Challenge On Cine Mexicano this March

Cine Mexicano premieres four action films in which virtue and morality are challenged.

West Palm Beach, Florida, UNITED STATES

West Palm Beach, March 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cine Mexicano, the country’s top-rated Spanish-language movie channel offering an extensive library of action, drama, comedy, rancheras, thrillers and more announces the network premieres of four action films in which virtue and morality are challenged when war, brutality, and violence have taken over the lives of its characters. Watch this month on Cine Mexicano to find out if good wins out.

 Crimen en Tijuana

03/04 – 00:00 p.m. ET

A prominent politician is targeted by the nation’s most powerful gangster. A relentless operation to bring the criminals to justice and end the wave of bloody violence. The film is directed by Javier Cruz. Starring Carlos de la Mora, Benito Luna, Manuel Ortega, and Chepe Jiménez.


Pueblos sin ley

03/11 – 00:00 p.m. ET 

The tranquility of a square strategically located within the city becomes the site of a bloody battle between powerful criminal gangs -- a violence without truce in a city where criminals scoff at the law. The film is directed by Carlos de la Mora. Starring Carlos de la Mora, Ana Jimenez, Pedro Cerrillo, and Bonifacio Jaimez.


En la vida real
03/18 – 00:00 p.m. ET

Valente crosses the border into California with the hope of making his dream comes true: triumph in the music field. With the help of his boss he gets onto the popular television show Carlitos and his Stars, where one of the producers will take advantage of his modesty. The film is directed by Javier Cruz. Starring Valente Rojas, Victor Estrada, Alfredo Gutierrez, and Carlos de la Mora


La cueva del Diablo

03/25 – 00:00 p.m. ET 

Everyone who enters the cave, according to the legend, is never seen again. Some attribute it to murderers who hide inside, others to paranormal phenomena. The place is part of the 200 caves that have been detected in the mountain called Estrella (Star) in Iztapalapa near Mexico City. The film is directed by Julio Cesar Estrada. Starring Raúl Morales Izquierdo, Gabriela Montiel, and Francisco Peralta. 


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