Mimecast Named a Strong Performer in Security Awareness and Training Solutions Report from Leading Analyst Firm

Mimecast Recognized for its Viral Videos, Real-world Testing, and Risk Scoring

Lexington, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

LEXINGTON, Mass., March 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ: MIME), a leading email and data security company, today announced it has been named as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Security Awareness and Training Solutions, Q1 2020 report.

According to the Forrester Wave™: “Mimecast humanizes security with engaging content. In 2018, Mimecast extended its range to people security by acquiring Ataata and releasing the Mimecast® Awareness Training (AT) by Ataata SA&T offering.” Mimecast Awareness Training is now fully integrated into Mimecast’s cloud-based platform for new customers, which is designed to enable easier administration of awareness training into Mimecast and customers’ broader security ecosystems.

Mimecast’s Email Security 3.0 strategy helps organizations address threats in three distinct zones: the email perimeter, inside the organization or network, and beyond the perimeter. Most organizations have made significant investments to protect the perimeter, but, realistically, human error is involved in almost every breach - often inside the organization or network. Mimecast Awareness Training helps organizations mitigate the risks associated with employee human error. By leveraging high-impact learning modules, anchored on two to three-minute humorous and entertaining videos, Mimecast Awareness Training helps inform and influence cybersecurity habits and reflexes. Each learning module trains employees on both what’s at stake when it comes to cyberthreats, and what to do to avoid putting themselves and their organizations at risk.

According to the Forrester Wave™: “Mimecast AT offers training in seven core security content categories, delivered by two main characters, “Human Error” and “Sound Judgement,” who bring much-needed humanity and entertainment to the SA&T topic. The platform educates through short viral videos, real-world testing, and risk scoring. Mimecast videos engage both security and non-security employees. Users and their families talk about the lessons they learned and how fun they are. Some users have gone so far as to dress up as the characters for Halloween and invite them to board meetings and company events. Customer references are excited to use a non-conservative approach and note that employees now regularly discuss security… Organizations that believe that humor can work in their environment and understand the value of engaging employees with entertaining content should use Mimecast.”

“Mimecast Awareness Training has seen tremendous growth – growing from several hundred customers in 2018 to 1,500 in late 2019. We believe that organizations understand the important role every employee plays when it comes to strengthening their overall cyber resilience strategy. That being said, this does require employees to have a compelling reason to care about security to become more resilient against preventable threats,” said Michael Madon, SVP and GM of Mimecast Security Awareness Products. “Finding creative ways to offer cyber education breaks through the passive resistance most employees have towards training. At the same time, security teams need to be better armed with the ability to measure risks based on real inbound threats and comprehensive training data.”

The recommendation from the Forrester Wave™ report is that SA&T customers should look for awareness training programs that “foster a security culture instead of providing perfunctory training and testing”, “employ engaging, inclusive images and message” and “see a world beyond the US.”

Madon commented, “We've learned to see humans as they are, not how we'd like them to be. And here's another thing we've learned: to reduce human error and improve security culture, your employee security awareness training must align with human nature and workplace reality. That's why every component of Mimecast Awareness Training platform—from cyber training module content and phishing tests to data collection and analytics—helps organizations attack all root causes of human error in security. And that's why it works.”

Download the Forrester Wave™: Security Awareness and Training Solutions, Q1 2020 report.

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