Wereldhave strengthens its Full Service Center concept with leisure in Tilburg


Wereldhave strengthens its Full Service Center concept with leisure in Tilburg

Corporate update

11 March 2020, 12:40 AM CET

Wereldhave welcomes leisure concepts ‘Nondejeu’ and ‘The VR Room’ in the city-center of Tilburg. These tenants create outstanding new additional alibi’s to visit Pieter Vreedeplein, which increases relevance and footfall for this location. This is in line with Wereldhave’s new strategy, which focuses on Full Service Centers for a better everyday life by broadening the palette of functions within its centers. Next to retail, F&B  and residential, Pieter Vreedeplein will be the leisure hot-spot of Tilburg for a refreshing new experience. Leasing has been priced in-line and above ERV levels, which provides support for the economic viability of Full Service Centers.

Nondejeu: a unique combined leisure-formulate by local entrepreneurs from Tilburg
The combined-leisure formulate Nondejeu consists of Jeu de boule and F&B in combination with the, originally Scandinavian, escape-room formula ‘Prison Island’. Prison Island is a real-life game involving a prison, with cells where players have to crack codes, solve riddles and engage in physical challenges. It requires a level of intelligence, strength or speed to be successful. There is only one way to escape: together. Nondejeu is operated by two local entrepreneurs and has a surface of 1,300 sqm. Opening of the venue is set for the Summer of 2020.

Adding an innovative experience-concept by the VR Room Pop-up
Virtual Reality Rooms are one of the latest innovations within leisure & entertainment industry. The VR Room will embark on a tour throughout several of Wereldhave’s centers. It will add the potential for a unique experience to its Full Service Centers for friends, bachelor-parties, families or business-events. The first VR Room pop-up location will be opened at the Pieter Vreedeplein in Tilburg. This successful concept has already been present in Amsterdam and Utrecht. It provides access to the world of the latest high-end Virtual Reality on a 125 sqm VR Arena or VR Lasergaming. Opening of this location is set for mid-March 2020.
It is a logical strategic choice, according to the Business Development Manager Erik Kleemans of Wereldhave: “These two new concepts have a perfect fit within our new strategy of Full Service Centers for a better everyday life. The modern-day consumer has more requirements to balance out daily life. For Pieter Vreedeplein it means that entertainment will add another alibi to the visit that originally has a strong fashion and F&B purpose.