Algorithmia Expands ML Infrastructure Options with VMWare Integration

Seattle, Washington, UNITED STATES

SEATTLE, March 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Algorithmia announces the availability of Algorithmia Enterprise on VMWare, a fully integrated solution for connecting, deploying, scaling, and managing ML models in the cloud or behind the firewall. Now, customers can run Algorithmia on their existing VMWare infrastructure, in their data center, with the lowest latency and highest security required for their ML–enabled applications.

Machine learning has the most impact on a company’s core line of business applications that are often behind the firewall, particularly in regulated industries like financial services, insurance, health care, and laboratory sciences. For ML infrastructure to serve those industries, an on-premise product is a requirement. Furthermore, a major concern for enterprises conducting machine learning is the security implications of moving data (often customer, financial, or other sensitive info) between systems. It can also be expensive and difficult to move, so building and running ML models close to the data source is a preferred practice as it reduces costs, increases iteration speed, and satisfies security, compliance, and privacy requirements that many businesses have.

Algorithmia Enterprise on VMWare addresses these concerns with an on-premise platform that allows data scientists and ML engineers to easily automate the DevOps, management, and deployment of AI/ML models, while providing unparalleled protection for sensitive and proprietary data. By choosing VMWare as its preferred on-premise infrastructure, Algorithmia is enabling enterprises to achieve their full AI/ML potential.

“From the early days at Algorithmia, we knew that multi-cloud was critical to enabling our customers’ success, given the vastly different infrastructure choices one could make,” said Hernan Alvarez, VP of Product at Algorithmia. “So we focused on getting the foundation right as we knew the speed and quality of the deployment experience is a crucial advantage for customers. By delivering on a multi-cloud platform that has UX, feature, and operational parity, we solve these problems and deliver on that promise.”

About Algorithmia

Algorithmia is a single solution for all stages of the MLOps and management lifecycle, enabling data management, deployment, management, and operations teams to work concurrently on the same machine learning project. Algorithmia enables users to connect data sources, orchestration engines, and step functions and deploy models from major frameworks, languages, platforms, and tools. Over 90,000 engineers and data scientists have used Algorithmia’s platform to date, including the United Nations, government intelligence agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit

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