Businesses, community groups, and individuals to be honoured

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

OTTAWA, March 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Saturday March 14, Fairtrade Canada will present the 2020 Canadian Fairtrade Awards to recognize leadership in the fair trade movement from businesses, community groups and individuals. The Awards reflect the diverse strengths the Canadian fair trade community brings to the table in our collective effort to grow the impact for farmers and workers in the Global South and position Canada as a leader in sustainable trade.

The Fairtrade system is a major player in global efforts to transform trade through economic, social and environmental initiatives. These include work on living income, gender equity, child and forced labour, and climate change adaptation. Fairtrade Canada supports local action by community groups working to promote this work.

Fairtrade continues to see robust sales growth across Canada, thanks to the increasing number of companies who are making a commitment to sustainable supply chains and human rights, driven by demand from consumers who want to shop with their values in mind, and support from community groups who advocate for trade justice. This sales growth stands in contrast to the overall grocery market in Canada which has seen a slowing of in growth over recent years. Because consumers are increasingly seeking out independent ethical labels and brands that have strong CSR policies, Fairtrade businesses are well positioned to buck the trend.

Retail sales of Fairtrade certified products in Canada now exceed $500 million annually, with over 5000 products bearing the FAIRTRADE Mark for sale across the country. Coffee, flowers, chocolate, and bananas in particular have seen strong growth.

The Canadian Fairtrade Awards ceremony will take place at Festival Hall in Calgary, in conjunction with the 8th Annual Canadian Fair Trade Conference. Four fair trade producers from Mexico, Honduras, Colombia and the Dominican Republic will be present at the conference to bring global voices to talk about the issues that matter most to them, including global trade and climate change.

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Fairtrade is a global movement for change with a strong and active presence in Canada, represented by Fairtrade Canada. We work directly with businesses, consumers and campaigners to make trade fair for farmers and workers by ensuring fair, sustainable and ethical supply chains for the products we consume. The international Fairtrade system represents the world's largest and most recognized independent certification system, representing over 1.66 million farmers and workers in 73 countries. Visit to learn more.

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