Tacton Visualization Empowers Customers to See and Interact with Customized Products in Real-Time

Offering Shortens the Sales Cycle, Reduces Order Errors and Educates Customers by Enabling Real-Time Collaboration Throughout the Buying Process

CHICAGO and STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tacton, a global leader in Smart Commerce solutions for manufacturers, today announced expanded visualization capabilities, enhancing the customer experience by giving manufacturers the ability to configure and view customized products in 3D and real-time via an interactive interface. Tacton Visualization empowers customers to make informed business decisions quicker and with fewer errors, shortening the sales cycle thanks to real-time collaboration throughout the buying process.

Today’s B2B customers want the ability to do more on their own and see their customized products in context. Antiquated processes inhibit this due to silos and manual processes that cause inefficient collaboration and misunderstandings between customers and manufacturers. Tacton Visualization confronts these challenges by giving customers the ability to bring their products to life with 3D modeling in real-time, allowing customers to make tweaks and adjustments on the fly while integrating sales and engineering teams, making for a more seamless and efficient buying process.

"The manufacturing sales process has historically been bogged down by inaccurate orders and poor overall customer experience, particularly by today's modern standard of placing the customer at the center of every business transaction," said Frederic Laziou, CEO of Tacton. "Tacton Visualization elevates the buying process with a consumer-like experience that allows customers to make their own design changes in real-time, which radically improves sales effectiveness for manufacturers."

Visualization product highlights include:

  • Real-time visualization. Customers communicate in real-time using an on-screen configurator, with varying viewpoints for fast navigation and orientation.
  • Drag-and-drop capabilities. A consumer-grade experience allows customers to make design adjustments throughout the buying process.
  • Augmented reality. Customers have the ability to visualize their products in context and use AR in live CPQ sessions.
  • Advanced customer quotes. Manufacturers can integrate product images and QR codes for AR directly within customer quotes.
  • Mobile support. A mobile app is currently available for iOS devices.

Tacton Visualization builds on the company's 20-plus years of delivering Smart Commerce solutions, powered by Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) technology, to manufacturing customers. Manufacturing sales teams and customers interact directly within a single tool thanks to Tacton's deep knowledge of vertical manufacturing requirements and experience creating and managing visuals. The solution is integrated into Tacton CPQ, meaning no third-party software or plugins are required.

For more information on Tacton Visualization download the Tacton Visualization ebook, or visit https://www.tacton.com/visual-configuration/.

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About Tacton:
Tacton enables Smart Commerce for manufacturers by empowering organizations to extend beyond traditional commerce. Tacton Smart Commerce ensures manufacturers always offer optimal solutions to their customers throughout the entire B2B buyer journey. Our industry expertise and leading technology enable a seamless customer experience. Tacton provides solutions to our global customers such as ABB, Bosch, Caterpillar, Daimler, MAN, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Toshiba and Yaskawa. Tacton is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and Stockholm, Sweden, with regional offices in Karlsruhe, Germany; Warsaw, Poland; and Tokyo, Japan.